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Closing on Mizuho Ambivalent

The final chapters + Tankoubon omake that tied up the story for all remaining characters, to Mizuho Ambivalent fans who have been patiently waiting for the conclusion for so long. Anyway, you guys have Jun Watarase to thank for this … Continue reading

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YnS 12 & Mizuho 6

My schedule have been pretty busy recently, so there’s probability for a few changes in the scanlation plan… Yosuga no Sora chapter 12 – Rapidly approaching the end; 2 chapters remain. Download links: Here. Read Online Mizuho Ambivalent Chapter 6 … Continue reading

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Will this becomes the norm…?

There’s nothing to update you guys about me other than I just got over a cold, and my translation of KxS was done while I was still coughing so I guess I underestimate that one a bit. Anyway, FAD2Raptor future … Continue reading

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Mizuho Ambivalent ch05

Here’s a Mizuho Ambivalent chapter as a Random Release. I’m planning on a massively massive release for Christmas. While most of the main work of it is done, there are still some severe issues that need to be flatten out. … Continue reading

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Let’s make it a miss altogether…

Okay… When I released Bungaku Shoujo ch22, I had hoped the RAW for ch 23 would show up sometimes between then and the group’s birthday to have a release of the series that got me started on doing this. But … Continue reading

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Mizuho Ambivalent Ch03(Tank)

And now back to Mizuho Ambivalent. This chapter features more re-write than previous ones. Download link here

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Mizuho Ambivalent Chapter 02 (Tank)

Sorry for the long wait, I was busy editing some chapters for StarryHeaven 7th year anniversary. This time, again, there are only minor change in translation, not affect the storyline much. Without further waiting, here’s Chapter 2 of Mizuho Ambivalent … Continue reading

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