Closing on Mizuho Ambivalent

The final chapters + Tankoubon omake that tied up the story for all remaining characters, to Mizuho Ambivalent fans who have been patiently waiting for the conclusion for so long.
Anyway, you guys have Jun Watarase to thank for this chapter being scanlated, because it’s him who contact me about the availability of the RAW.

This being a Random Project meaning that there won’t be a final check through of released chapters.

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4 Responses to Closing on Mizuho Ambivalent

  1. brid says:

    Thanks for seeing this through to the end. I know it was a manga you didn’t like as much at the end as you did at the beginning, so it’s appreciated that you stuck with it anyway.

  2. tuatara says:

    Seconded. Thank you for finally bringing this one to a close!

  3. Devil May Care says:

    Thank you for sticking with it even though it wimped out at the end.

  4. aruless says:

    many thanks fad and jun o/

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