It’s February the 21st… not.

First up,

Yeah, talk about being late… I was only reminded of Ai’s birthday when the Official Amagami’s twitter tweeted about it the day before (Feb 20th), therefore I didn’t realize in time to marathon the ~100 remaining clips of Ai route in Amagami or to do an Ai’s chapter from Various Artist. I’ll probably see to that soonish™, so please excuse the image which does not match the release.

Download links for Fukigen Cinderella ch03:
Skydrive Folder – somehow unable to upload to SD at the moment.

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5 Responses to It’s February the 21st… not.

  1. Zwei says:

    thx for FUKIGEN CINDERELLA Intresting ceries Cute image 2 =^.¨=

  2. Proto says:

    Awesome, more Fukigen Cinderella

  3. Mei Ling says:

    Thank you so much for scanalating this. Was wondering if it’d die off or something ;(

  4. Móci says:

    FUCK YEAH, thanks for the new Fukigen Cinderella chapter!

  5. ErapParaSaMahirap says:

    Just discovered this series. I really hope you continue scanlating this. More power
    to you ^_^

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