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Migration post from MangaHelpers. Nothing much to say. Since Mangahelpers are now being hit by both the publishers & other scanlators, I’ve decided to get a blog separate from MangaHelpers. I’ll still post releases that are allowed on MH but this blog will contain all & every release from FAD2Raptor Scans.


Previous Releases:

Bungaku Shoujo:





Mizuho Ambivalent – This is a manga that is on my current reading list. But some of those chapters have horrendous typeset, so I’ve redone some of those chapters. They’re originally unofficially release on MangaTraders only but MT has been unstable recently so I’m making these official here.

SkyDrive Folder Link

MegaUpload Folder Link

Chapter 13: MediaFire

Chapter 20: MediaFire

Chapter 21: MediaFire

Chapter 26: MediaFire

Chapter 22 is a special case, the typeset itself isn’t bad, but most redraw aren’t done. I’ve finish the redraw on those pages and posted on MangaFox forums, but when I got to MangaToshokan, chapter 22 haven’t been uploaded yet, plus the pages that I had redrawn is already ~25% of the chapters so I decided to just finish it. MediaFire

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4 Responses to First post!

  1. Laster says:

    Thanks for Mizuho Ambivalent! 😀

  2. konapi says:

    thnk you so much for mizuho!

  3. Juwo says:

    Thanks so much for scanlating Bungaku Shoujo =]!

  4. aruless says:

    yea yea thanks, but when ru gonna post another bungaku chap??? D:

    im dying… well not rly but it will be great to have another chap of bungaku and btw anyone knows whos gonna sub the ovas?

    FD2Raptor:I’ve noted that a group called Taco has subbed the 1st Bungaku Shoujo OVA. The other 2 haven’t been released as of yet.

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