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Amagami VA – Vol4 – If sono 2…

Short chapter. Anyway, I’m working on final chapter of Yosuga no Sora; with it being a Primary Project from the start, I’ll do a complete re-check from ch1 till ch14 kind of like ‘end of show batch torrent’ type. If … Continue reading

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Will this becomes the norm…?

There’s nothing to update you guys about me other than I just got over a cold, and my translation of KxS was done while I was still coughing so I guess I underestimate that one a bit. Anyway, FAD2Raptor future … Continue reading

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Today’s Releases…

Well, I called last Christmas mass release of 4 volumes of ‘ef – a fairytale of the two’ the release that can be measured in Richter scale, but with what happened in Japan, it’s not funny to say anything that … Continue reading

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Amagami VA – Vol4 – Kitty Girl

Nanasaki Ai, is there any guy who doesn’t want to be teased by this little devil? Anyway, on the next Yosuga no Sora, the drama start. Download links: MediaFire SkyDrive

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Amagami Various Artists – Vol1 – Saiyonara Hatsukoi

I’ve just checked Various Artists Vol 5, so the list of interested chapter was updated. In other note, if I got my hand on RAW of the final chapter of Mizuho Ambivalent before I’m done with final chapter of tankoubon … Continue reading

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Amagami – Various Artists – Vol3 – Kanojo ga Megane wo kakete mita

– I’m not going to do all of the Various Artists stories, just those that interested me. – I’m seeing some getting here with search phrases looking for if ‘Amagami close to you’ is canceled or not. While I can’t … Continue reading

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Let’s make it a miss altogether…

Okay… When I released Bungaku Shoujo ch22, I had hoped the RAW for ch 23 would show up sometimes between then and the group’s birthday to have a release of the series that got me started on doing this. But … Continue reading

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