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Bungaku Shoujo ch22

With this we’ve effectively reached the end of Chapter 6 of the Light Novel. The Epilogue should probably equate to one more chapter that just came out on the 22nd this month. Hopefully we’ll able to get the RAW in … Continue reading

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Double Bungaku Shoujo 20-21 & Happy birthday to me.

A feat of concentration allowed me finish these 2 chapters in record 4 days. On the 14th of Oct, I just started working on Bungaku Shoujo chapter 20 while waiting for the QC for my other edit for StarryHeaven and … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo ch19 & etc thoughts…

There are 2 notes about the last report page; the big JP text on that page sums up to “Short Animation DVD – Amano Tooko chapter / “Bungaku Shoujo” Memoir I / Yumemiru Shoujo no Prelude (ie Prelude of the … Continue reading

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