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Akira to Hiyori ch09

Prepare yourself for anti-climatic events… DL chapter 09 MediaFire SkyDrive DL current arc ch07-09: MediaFire Oh, and don’t be bothered by the “The End” at the final page, the author probably put this series on hold to work on her … Continue reading

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Akira to Hiyori ch08 & etc statuses

So here is the next chapter of Akira to Hiyori. Currently, to my knowledge, there’s no RAW for chapter 09, the final chapter for this arc. So after this, AtH is on temporary hiatus. Download link: MediaFire SkyDrive

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Akira to Hiyori ch07

Random pick up this manga… As I see it, this series run in 3 chapters arc, with this arc ran continuously in 3 issue. Currently there are RAW for the 1st two. Young GanGan issue No15 which has chapter 9 … Continue reading

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