About FAD2Raptor/Me

FAD2Raptor is a solo effort by me, FD2Raptor. I started working on Bungaku Shoujo since the other guy was way too slow and his result was a sub-par release that’s why I took over that project and that’s how FAD2Raptor started.

Being a newbie in JPese translation as I am, I’m always open to corrections and suggestions, just be specifics about what’s wrong, why it’s wrong and what it should have been, if it’s too long then you can always email me at FAD2Raptor[at]live[dot]com.
Do NOT put just a random one liner ‘is the translation correct?’; This kind of non-sense question will be deleted immediately.

I’m also one of StarryHeaven‘s editor, and is currently responsible for editing Love Berrish.
+I’m currently translating Kiss x Sis for Twincest Scans.

Q: Why the Kanji on the banner?
A: That’s basically my 1st name in Japanese.
Yes, it does bear the meaning of chief & boss, etc but that’s an unintended Japanese meaning.

Q: Requesting rescanlate permission?
A: Basically you’re free to use the released image to rescanlate into any other languages, except for Vietnamese. Just don’t ask for ‘exclusive permission’ or anything along that line because I don’t do that kind of thing.
The reason for Vietnamese exception is that the English level of the majority of VNese I know is way bad, seriously, the ability to understand & use English of you guys are about as bad as those Japanese in the anime. So only Vietnamese scanlators are required to ask for permission.

About me personally?
To me there’s only 2 type of people that I respect, those who are skilled and those who are willing to listen.

Main type
Enneagram Test Results

Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||| 60%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 36%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||| 50%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||||| 53%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 66%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||| 30%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 50%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||| 40%

Your main type is 5
Your variant is self pres