Fukigen Cinderella ch01-02 + Bungaku Shoujo Drama CD – Ue Kawaku Ghost arc (RAW)

First up, random Amagami news, the Amagami+ 2nd season Opening theme is named “Check my Soul”, the Ending is named “Confession”(kokuhaku).
And the heroines order will be: Tsukasa – Rihoko – Ai – Kaoru – Sae – Haruka, a small variation has kept it from being a complete reverse order of the 1st season, but still one less change of what I’d hoped (to pair them up and highlight the similarities & differences between them; Sae/Haruka in differences between 2 rich girls, Rihoko/Kaoru in differences between turning 2 long-term friendships into something more, Tsukasa/Ai is the gap between the ‘front’ that each of them presents to the public and how they actually are).

Anyway, read more for Fukigen Cinderella chapter 01 & 02 DL links.

As promised, without any “Casuality”. Had ‘they’ just accepted their own incompetency and typed/copied&pasted what PROzess typed, their idiocy wouldn’t have shown. The 1st time this “Casuality” appeared was on the Table of Contents in chapter 01. If it was only this instance then they might be able to attribute it to typo, but when the title of ch02 stayed as “Casuality” when the TL for both ch01 & 02 by PROzess did have it correctly as “Causality”. Moreover, this error still persists after a v2 of ch02, and even after v3 the error is still there… (and it’s still there as the title of ch02 on Batoto throughout all 3 version that their QC uploaded himself) then there’s no other explanation than sheer incompetency. Not to mention the absolute abomination of a cleaning job that they’ve done to chapter 02.

And here I thought that you just can’t do worse than the crappy cleaning/editing that was done in Japanzai’s Amagami Dreamy Forever ch01v1…
Oh boy, how wrong I was…

**I had tried to insert thumbnail/preview images into the post but the width of this WordPress theme doesn’t make it even remotely presentable… So please excuse the link to images style.**

** Someone needs to pull their Cleaner/Editor out to see the sky on this Earth because he’s been living underground for so long that he forgets how it looks like at noon:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

** They’re so throughout with their cleaning, they erased even the screen-tones:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

** In Pinoy world, outside of a few limited exceptions, you’re either black or white:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

** More of their throughout “cleaning”:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

** Notice the excessive cropping in the last image? That add to the list of proof that their cleaner/editor/QC is/are as incompetent as they come:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

Guys, even if you’ve just start learning how to clean/edit, don’t just blindly follow the guide. Many of the popular guides have been written so long ago that some steps in them are only for HQ-privately-scanned-RAW or crappy-weekly-magazine-scan, and will make the medium-quality-public-RAW(and yes, by approximation, 50~70 MB per volume @1400px height is still average grade MQ; has to be ~90-100 MB per tank @1600px height to get actual good tier MQ; higher than that and you’re getting the rare very-good-quality-scan) that many of you use look much worse. Use your own eyes to see for yourself if whatever steps that you had just applied to the RAW have or have not improve the image quality as well.

** And final proof that they didn’t proofread or QC at all:
Pinoy version /// Mine.

PROzess committed a TL error in the 2nd to last panel. I’m guessing he just mistyped it and then fix it as per auto-correct or similar suggestion without looking back at the RAW where it clearly stated: “くそ。。。耳に水が入ったのか。。。” ~~ (kuso… Mimi ni Mizu ga Haitta noka…; where “Mimi”, as many of you long time fans would have already known, means “ears” not “eyes”).

The RAW image of the said panel.

So, with that out of the way, here are the DL links:

Fukigen Cinderella SkyDrive’s Folder link

Download links for ch01:

Download links for ch02:

“Bungaku Shoujo” to Ue Kawaku Ghost Drama CD (RAW):

Track list for Ghost 1st half:
1 プロローグ
2 マナ(short size)
3 一章 食べ物を粗末にしてはいけません
4 二章 誰ですか、アレ
5 三章 ぼくが出逢ったきみI
6 三章 ぼくが出逢ったきみII
7 四章 過去の亡霊
8 五章 “文学少女”の報告
9 六章 さよならの続きへ(short size)

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  1. Ammy says:

    Wow, that’s some thorough work you did there 😉 Thanks for the hard work!

  2. PROzess says:

    Rofl, eyes. Sorry about that, Sometimes I’m too quick with translating and can’t keep up with English typing. Ears nearly sounds the same as Eyes to me 😛
    You’ll find such mistypes plenty of times in my script….
    But hey, I’m always there for confirming 🙂

  3. Rin Tohsaka says:

    They just made a v4 of Fukigen Cinderella if you care

  4. Xeno426 says:

    Wow, the difference in cleaning quality is like night and day. Nice work.

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