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NOTICE – IM@S relations – DROPPED

So basically, I’m dropping “Idolmaster – relations”, and will be picking up Fukigen Cinderella in its place. I know that Pinoy has released ch01 with Prozess TL, but that won’t affect my decision on picking it up. And it’ll come … Continue reading

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Closing on Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot

-First up, WordPress, for a short period of time, was filtering all Megaupload and Mediafire links, so in the event that they happen to do that again, use the SkyDrive folder link. If they decide to go through with that, … Continue reading

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Status Update…

So finally, I got a new monitor, a 20″ Samsung A350, finally joining the 16:9 ratio screen res… And my 1st impression about it is… the color/brightness/contrast feel off… So it’ll probably take me a day or two adjusting those … Continue reading

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The last of Amagami Quiz

Take the quiz here to get the 2 wallpapers of Ayatsuji Tsukasa & Sakurai Rihoko. 1. In episode 2 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc, – What type of stuffed animal were there above Tsukasa’s bed? a. Blue elephant b. Pink … Continue reading

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