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Bungaku Shoujo ch18 & Launching the PSD section

Sorry for the long wait. So my old HDD finally give out. Last counter said that it has given me ~12500 hours of service. Stored the OS, RAW & the PSDs etc. That took 2 days of work to get … Continue reading

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Bungaku shoujo ch17

I estimated the ‘Douke(Pierrot)’ arc will end at around chapter 25-26. We probably won’t get to see the other arcs in manga form, since the manga is currently running Monthly, around ~25ish chapter per book will means that it will … Continue reading

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Akira to Hiyori ch09

Prepare yourself for anti-climatic events… DL chapter 09 MediaFire SkyDrive DL current arc ch07-09: MediaFire Oh, and don’t be bothered by the “The End” at the final page, the author probably put this series on hold to work on her … Continue reading

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