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Reserving Space for Bungaku Shoujo Ghost’s Scanlation Releases’ issues

Personally, I don’t want my first post after about a year of disappearance to simply just criticizing stuff, but the fact is that they’ve ignored my 1st email notified them about the issues in their release back in November 2012. … Continue reading

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Fukigen Cinderella ch01-02 + Bungaku Shoujo Drama CD – Ue Kawaku Ghost arc (RAW)

First up, random Amagami news, the Amagami+ 2nd season Opening theme is named “Check my Soul”, the Ending is named “Confession”(kokuhaku). And the heroines order will be: Tsukasa – Rihoko – Ai – Kaoru – Sae – Haruka, a small … Continue reading

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Closing on Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot

-First up, WordPress, for a short period of time, was filtering all Megaupload and Mediafire links, so in the event that they happen to do that again, use the SkyDrive folder link. If they decide to go through with that, … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot ch23 – [v0]

After ~8 years of service, my monitor is crapping out. It’s currently showing colors incorrectly. While the image editing part couldn’t be completely done, but it’s been ~1 year since ch22 was released so this is the not final version, … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo .etc

And today mark 1 year anniversary, the day FAD2Raptor is officially formed. As promised, I have some Bungaku Shoujo related uploads for you guys. 1st upload is Bungaku Shoujo to Shini tagari no Pierrot – Drama CD – 1st part … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo ch22

With this we’ve effectively reached the end of Chapter 6 of the Light Novel. The Epilogue should probably equate to one more chapter that just came out on the 22nd this month. Hopefully we’ll able to get the RAW in … Continue reading

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Double Bungaku Shoujo 20-21 & Happy birthday to me.

A feat of concentration allowed me finish these 2 chapters in record 4 days. On the 14th of Oct, I just started working on Bungaku Shoujo chapter 20 while waiting for the QC for my other edit for StarryHeaven and … Continue reading

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