Mizuho Ambivalent OneShot (Tankoubon Version)

FD2Raptor presents: Mizuho Ambivalent Chapter 0 – Tankoubon Version.

If this one-shot does anything, it’s confirming that Mizuho has been evil from the start.

I did check out the magazine RAW for this Oneshot and decided to not do the colored page in the magazine RAW since it’s look awful. But in that one page, 1 panel has already changed so there might be some differences here and there between the Tank & the Mag version.

In other news, a few days ago, I’d sent a email for Hell’s Castle asking for permission to use their script in the Tank RAW. If they either don’t reply(since they’ve been marked as inactive by MangaUpdates) or give their ok, I’ll go ahead and work on the remaining of Volume 1, which mean you guys’ll get the HQ images & the extra pages of it.

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3 Responses to Mizuho Ambivalent OneShot (Tankoubon Version)

  1. SiDE says:

    Thanks for the release and the fixes on the other five. By the way, are you doing all the Tanks?

  2. fd2raptor says:

    Well, while there are 4 Tank published, only the RAW for Vol 1 is available right now so I can only do that one. If the RAW for other Tank do show up then I’ll consider about doing them.

  3. Zepheris says:

    thx a lot for the scanlations.

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