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It’s February the 21st… not.

First up, Yeah, talk about being late… I was only reminded of Ai’s birthday when the Official Amagami’s twitter tweeted about it the day before (Feb 20th), therefore I didn’t realize in time to marathon the ~100 remaining clips of … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot ch23 – [v0]

After ~8 years of service, my monitor is crapping out. It’s currently showing colors incorrectly. While the image editing part couldn’t be completely done, but it’s been ~1 year since ch22 was released so this is the not final version, … Continue reading

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It’s 8th of Oct.

Otherwise known as Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s birthday. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time to watch any other heroines’ route yet… so I got nothing to write about… As for Bungaku Shoujo, ch23 is basically done. The remaining tasks are to standardize … Continue reading

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The 2nd round of Amagami Ouen Quiz

And, I got it half right… the 2nd round didn’t wait till the 1st round is over, but opened on 30th of September, features 2 questions for Sae Arc, 2 questions for Ai Arc and 1 about Miya episode. For … Continue reading

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It’s 22nd of Sep.

Or as many Amagami fans have known, it’s Morishima Haruka’s Birthday. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know either until yesterday, when I saw the twit on twitter of the official supporting Amagami account… So a portion is from the … Continue reading

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Will this becomes the norm…?

There’s nothing to update you guys about me other than I just got over a cold, and my translation of KxS was done while I was still coughing so I guess I underestimate that one a bit. Anyway, FAD2Raptor future … Continue reading

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Let’s make it a miss altogether…

Okay… When I released Bungaku Shoujo ch22, I had hoped the RAW for ch 23 would show up sometimes between then and the group’s birthday to have a release of the series that got me started on doing this. But … Continue reading

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