Reserving Space for Bungaku Shoujo Ghost’s Scanlation Releases’ issues

Personally, I don’t want my first post after about a year of disappearance to simply just criticizing stuff, but the fact is that they’ve ignored my 1st email notified them about the issues in their release back in November 2012. And in the 2nd email, sent on the 7th of March, I’ve told them about the simplest error to find in 2 of the currently released chapter of Bungaku Shoujo Ghost, missing pages, and explicitly asked them to reply to that email for further conversation on other issues; but so far they’ve stayed silent.

The missing pages are on chapter 02 & 05.

I’ll be away from the internet for about 1 week, and if they still refuse to reply by then, the list of errors shall be disclosed.

Late edit 14-Nov; so basically this is what happened:

Below is the rest of the email with the errors listed:

Here is the missing pages on your 02 & 05:
I have one more extra page from the mag scan of ch02 regarding the Memoirs OVA-3 but since it seems like you skip over all extra pages so I didn’t include it in the above zip.

Regarding TL/edit of:
The single error in 02:
>What he learned returning home shocked him. / He dragged the girl who betrayed him down to hell, and returned to the earth to wander it, seeking atonement / but she was still dead. She who was half his soul was dead.
*What he learned upon coming back to Japan shocked him. / The other half of his soul; the one who betrayed him; the one who dragged him to hell; / the sole reason, he came back to Japan with vengeance on his mind is already dead?
+2 options for the last words, “already dead” or “no more”.

For 06&07 I only did a quick check and I can still overlook stuff.

As you may know, Bungaku Shoujo Ghost is inspired by Wuthering Height so here’s what I remembered to copied the part that Ghost have/will quote:

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