Will this becomes the norm…?

There’s nothing to update you guys about me other than I just got over a cold, and my translation of KxS was done while I was still coughing so I guess I underestimate that one a bit.

Anyway, FAD2Raptor future plans is as followed:
– adding batoto.com read online links to some of the releases from now on.
– the list of Amagami VA’s chapter to be scanlated will not grow. It will either be all those listed or less, not more.
– finish the remaining chapters of Mizuho Ambivalent Vol 1, then drop this series.
– After I finish the listed Amagami VA chapters, IM@S relations will be demoted to Secondary Project, replace it’s slot then I will evaluate the workload to see if it’s possible to pick up a different manga to replace the then empty Primary slot.

If I didn’t say anything about something then the plan for that didn’t change since the last time it was announced. Now on to the releases:

Yosuga no Sora ch09-10:

You guys probably already know that there are some folks who are trying to take over one of my Primary Project, Yosuga no Sora. I won’t call on the scanlator ethics card since FAD2Raptor was formed with the 1st project taken over from another group, but I’d put a question mark on their quality with the 2 most obvious game-breaking problems:

[Final page of chapter 9]
The original JP text is “Nao-chan to Onaji koto shitara” where ‘shitara’ is the conditional form of the verb ‘suru’ (to do) lead to the actual translation of “If I do the same thing as Nao-chan” rather than theirs “like with Nao-chan” which completely discarded this part of the sentence (actually theirs would be reversed translate to JP as something like ‘Nao-chan to Onaji you ni’).

[Name of Chapter 10]
The Japanese is “Ame Futte, Ji Katamarazu”, an altered version from the expression “Ame Futte Ji Katamaru”. The original directly translate to somewhat along the line of ‘rain fall caused the earth to hardened’, and the expression itself basically means ‘you grow stronger with each hardship you overcome’, I think the expression itself have an equivalent in English as ‘adversity builds character’ or something. The text used as the chapter name altered the original expression from “Katamaru” to “Katamarazu” which makes it’s direct translation becomes ‘rain fall without making the earth hardened’, or ‘you overcame an hardship but learnt nothing from it’ as it’s basic meaning. So I’m not sure as to how they arrived at their “The Calm that doesn’t come after the storm” translation for the chapter name. Could be their translator got overly creative or their quality checker got too heavy-handed with localization, who knows. I mean, even google translate didn’t make that kind of way off base translation like that (Well, Google translate didn’t get the altered ver, but it nailed the original expression. Everyone knows that you have to spoon feed for the machined translation to be actually readable anyway.)

I won’t say something like you have to wait for my release. If you can’t wait then by all means go ahead and get theirs, I’m just giving you the piece of knowledge so that you can make an informed decision.

Yosuga no Sora Read Online

Download links – ch09-10: Here.

Amagami VA – Vol3 – If… Sono 1 – by Sanada Rin
It doesn’t even worth it to mention that for chapter “If… sono 3” (i.e ‘The 3rd If…’) in Vol 5 kibitou4life gave another author a wrong name again…

Download links – If… Sono 1:

The IDOLM@STER – relations

The IDOLM@STER – relations Read Online

Download links – ch04:

And Mizuho Ambivalent Vol2 Omake


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Basically an INTJ with interest in language. Insanely easy to get bored and have indifferent attitude to many things.
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12 Responses to Will this becomes the norm…?

  1. quitit says:

    Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate you informing us the quality of other sub group. I do wait until you release your translation. Again keep up the good work.

  2. Dex says:

    thanks for amagami’s release! Continue your good work on it. ^_^
    and thanks for allerting the wrong name of the author.

  3. Any says:

    Thanks for your hard work!!!:)

  4. inari_mara says:

    Thanks for the great job you do! I just started reading YnS and really liked it. I’ll wait for your releases so keep up the good work ^_^

  5. aruless says:

    – After I finish the listed Amagami VA chapters, IM@S relations will be demoted to Secondary Project, replace it’s slot then I will evaluate the workload to see if it’s possible to pick up a different manga to replace the then empty Primary slot.

    sup fad, can we sugest a manga? or can u tell us wich one would u pick???? anyway thanks for ur hard work man, i hope ur enjoy it the blurays of yosuga i know im doing ^-^

    • FD2Raptor says:

      The ‘a different manga’ part is a link to mangaupdates page of the manga that I’d like to pick up, which is Hanasaku Iroha. Currently Hanasaku Iroha has 5 chapters published, and I have raw of Vol1 which cover up to chapter 4.
      The reason it is still in evaluation is because currently, the anime is going way faster than than the manga.

      I mean, the cooking for the staff is depicted in chapter 3 and the author throw a tantrum event from chapter 4, both got covered right in ep2 of the anime. (well, you’ll have to wait till ep3 to see how the latter event is resolved though.)

      Even if the anime is 1 season long, at current rate, it could translate to a pretty long manga series.

      Some other that I’m also evaluating is
      Seishun For-get (Youth Forget) which currently has 3 chapters out.
      Saikin, Imouto no Yousuga Chotto Okashii n da ga (My little sis has been a bit weird lately…) which currently has 6 chapters out, 1 scanlated.

      For these, I still have to see where the mangaka-s is/are going with the story first. Which is why this plan is for after all listed Amagami VA’s chapter are done.

      Remember that none of these is set in stone though, there’s always possibility that I might be intrigued by something else and pick that up instead.

      • aruless says:

        ic, thanks for the info, about iroha i start with the anime until yesterday so far i like it, about the others mangas i only have see/read saikin imouto, gonna check for seishun, again thanks for the hard work fad o/

    • FD2Raptor says:

      Seems like Night Constellation has put out the 1st chapter of Hanasaku Iroha. While I’d love to say that I don’t have to get involved with this series anymore, their release is with plenty of orz; so I guess I’ll make haste with the remaining pages of my version of the 1st chapter and then propose a joint with them.

      – In case anyone is wondering right now, the manga differ quite a bit from the anime; the most obvious is there are much less character introduced (so far), and some of events in the anime didn’t make it into the manga, so it probably won’t be as long as I originally thought it would be –

  6. KrimzonStriker says:

    Will you be doing the sequel title “Bungaku Shoujo” to Ue Kawaku Yuurei at any point? I’d really love to see what happens next from the Book Girl series if at all possible.

    • FD2Raptor says:

      The issue that caused Bungaku Shoujo scanlation to be in it’s current suspended status is that there isn’t any RAW available. The former RAW provider became unable to continue doing so since chapter 22 of the Pierrot arc. If the RAW show up sometimes soon, I’ll consider about continuing it.

  7. FD2Raptor says:

    Sorry for the late reply due to problems with my ISP.
    Anyway, I can only find chapter 23rd of Pierrot (final chapter of this arc) & 1st of Ghost in Chinese. Which present the problem that I can’t read Chinese.
    Addition to that, 2 future Primary projects for FAD2Raptor are ongoing series & the current remaining workload of the series that are in the project list right now at about ~5 Volumes worth of both translation and editing + 1.5 Volumes worth of Shoujo full SFX editing for StarryHeaven + translation for Kiss x Sis, another ongoing series.
    Lead to me doubting if I have the ability to carry out scanlation with decent quality & rate for that many series at once if I were to pick up the 2nd arc of Bungaku Shoujo.

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