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Let’s see, about Fukigen Cinderella, since right now, the number of pages in ch09-13 are totaling at ~100 pages. With the average ~20 pages per chapter meaning that it needs approx 3 or 4 more chapters to have enough pages for a tankoubon and the series runs monthly, then adding the time from when there are enough number of pages to when the tank is released & scanned ~~ 3 more months. So we’re looking at around half a year until 2nd volume is out, so I’m in no rush to finish up vol1. And besides, I came to a conclusion that quickly get vol1 done, and then make the readers wait for vol2 will very likely to result in more people dropping this series since there are at least 1 point in vol1 that will make you hate the protagonist with passion, and another that will leave you wonder if what he had done is ‘too much’ and is ‘a disproportional retribution’. Since the protagonist of this series is not the usual high school guy, so with him spending a longer period on this sinful earth… there are obviously more things that he had experienced that affect how he is “today”, so until those unknown bits of his past are revealed, it’s very likely that you’re going to hate him a lot.

That and the issue that manually cleaning a FC chapter took 3 times the amount of time spent on translate plus redrawing.
(And yeah, I am seeing myself at the beginning stage of scanlating fatigue, based on the fact that this release is basically at almost ready to be release since ‘last year’ and is only finalized a few days ago.)

Now, about anime…

Amagami SS+ has aired its 1st episode, and just based on this episode alone, it seems like they’ve decided to include the other characters that is voiced in the game but has yet to appear in Season 1.

Kurosawa Noriko, not in any clubs, her birthday is on the 10th of March, blood type: A. Sign: Pisces.
– favorites: ‘the protagonist’ – authority – money – people who is nice to her – daydreaming
– dislikes: Tsukasa – Things don’t go her way.
– family: both parents. – method of commute: Trains.
– her father is a member of the city council.
– she is in class 2-B, Rihoko’s classmate (in game Risa -stalker-chan- is in 2-C, the anime changed her to 2-B).
– she is in love with ‘the protagonist’ and therefore, due to assumption & negative thoughts, she sees Tsukasa as a (love) rival.
– she is of the typical bully girl type, will stop at nothing to lower Tsukasa’s reputation, and remove Tsukasa’s position in the Founder Festival Committee.

That is basically her description for the game version. Anyway, in Haruka’s arc, there are 2 characters that did not appear in S1: “Mike Kid” & “Kisato Romio”, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing either or both of those 2 appearance in SS+.

To wrap up my talking, today’s the day the anime ‘Papakiki’ airs and while you may be tempted to check out the manga (the main series) either before or after you watched it, I’ll go ahead and ask you to wait for Japanzai to update their released 5 chapters before reading them. Details of what is wrong are currently under wrap at this point and I just got the reassurance from the TL at Japanzai that the update to tank RAW is still ongoing, so a little bit of patience will earn you a wholly better reading experience.

Finally, the download links:
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