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All sort of randomness

It’s been a very long time. What I’ve been doing? Practically nothing except for what I’m supposedly notorious for, calling others out on their TL errors, with the most recent one being Norway Scans and their SaeKano ~egoistic lily releases. … Continue reading

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It’s February the 21st… not.

First up, Yeah, talk about being late… I was only reminded of Ai’s birthday when the Official Amagami’s twitter tweeted about it the day before (Feb 20th), therefore I didn’t realize in time to marathon the ~100 remaining clips of … Continue reading

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The last of Amagami Quiz

Take the quiz here to get the 2 wallpapers of Ayatsuji Tsukasa & Sakurai Rihoko. 1. In episode 2 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc, – What type of stuffed animal were there above Tsukasa’s bed? a. Blue elephant b. Pink … Continue reading

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Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot ch23 – [v0]

After ~8 years of service, my monitor is crapping out. It’s currently showing colors incorrectly. While the image editing part couldn’t be completely done, but it’s been ~1 year since ch22 was released so this is the not final version, … Continue reading

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It’s 8th of Oct.

Otherwise known as Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s birthday. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time to watch any other heroines’ route yet… so I got nothing to write about… As for Bungaku Shoujo, ch23 is basically done. The remaining tasks are to standardize … Continue reading

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The 2nd round of Amagami Ouen Quiz

And, I got it half right… the 2nd round didn’t wait till the 1st round is over, but opened on 30th of September, features 2 questions for Sae Arc, 2 questions for Ai Arc and 1 about Miya episode. For … Continue reading

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It’s 22nd of Sep.

Or as many Amagami fans have known, it’s Morishima Haruka’s Birthday. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know either until yesterday, when I saw the twit on twitter of the official supporting Amagami account… So a portion is from the … Continue reading

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