It’s 22nd of Sep.

Or as many Amagami fans have known, it’s Morishima Haruka’s Birthday.
Well, to be honest, I didn’t know either until yesterday, when I saw the twit on twitter of the official supporting Amagami account…

So a portion is from the old post regarding Amagami, and a pretty big portion is additionally TLed just yesterday, so some parts may not read so well…
Anyway, wall of text coming after the link.


For Amagami SS season 2, my wild guess is that they measured the support for the heroines in the 1st season, and then they’ll use those data to see who would get the focus in the 2nd season, 8 episodes per arc, with 2 heroines going against each others. I mean, the 1st season always has the heroine and Junichi story in their arc, except for a small scene in an episode of Haruka’s arc which has the say-it-all title “Jealousy”. But in-game there are many ‘Namida events’ (Teary events) where basically the heroine caught you (Junichi) being ‘friendly’ with the other girls. I believe in game, you got 1 chance, the 2nd time will bad-end you [back to title] kind. Maybe just last season’s Rihoko isn’t enough, we may even get to see the Suki-bad ending of some heroines this time around.

On a random note, there’s an Amagami Quiz (in Japanese) at:
5 questions, 2 about Haruka, 2 about Kaoru and 1 regarding Risa, to get to the 2 wallpapers of Haruka & Kaoru in 1024,1280,1600. If you want them, here.
The 1st round quiz run from 9th of Sep(Fri) till 11th of Nov(Fri), 10 weeks period (remember that Amagami SS used to air on Friday, 4 episodes per char + 1x Risa’s episode) -> I’m guessing that 2nd round will feature quiz questions regarding Sae & Ai & ‘a wildcard’ and the quiz things will finish sometime around 9th of March 2012, at around that time we’ll get the announcement that Amagami SS Season 2 will start in summer 2012 season just as S1 did in 2010 and the 2nd season of Amagami SS will be a marathon toward the Christmas of 2012, just as S1 did.

Wanna tackle the quiz but don’t know Japanese? The TL for the questions is at the end of this post.

****************SPOILER WARNING****************
****************SPOILER WARNING****************
Proceed at your own risk.
Main focus of Spoilers are on the Meeting & Ending parts.
****************SPOILER WARNING****************
****************SPOILER WARNING****************

The 1st anime season is done, 1st season’s Blue-ray has been out for a while now, 2nd season announced. The twitter account post still leaves the anime name as “Amagami SS”, so here’s some of the events in Haruka route that wasn’t included in the 1st season…

********SPOILER of Morishima Haruka route********
I haven’t played the game & will probably never play it. All these are based on YouTube videos of the events in game and has been noted by the uploader that his videos are ‘not in chronological order’ so I don’t know which events happen in which order or precisely what will trigger which event or the precise route to each of the endings.
***End of Disclaimer***

***Slight note***
text inside ‘ is more loosely translated/only partially quoted for translation.
text inside ” is the full spoken sentence translated.
text inside () in conversation translation are thoughts.
***End of note***

As far as I know, there are 3 ways for you (Junichi) to meet Haruka,
1st- the Anime way, after losing Rock, Paper, Scissor game, he had to go buy lunch for the others (in-game it was Umehara & the other 2 guys Masa+Ken instead of the anime’s Umehara & Kaoru). On his way back, he somehow lost his balance, and dropped all the breads; witnessing all that, Haruka then called out to him. They had a small conversation. Here she mentioned that ‘she remembers the people she met quite well, even if they’ve only met once.’ All else are pretty much similar to the anime except that he didn’t meet Sae and Rihoko.

2nd- the Manga way, in that she mistook Junichi for the one who sent her a love letter, and proceeded to reject him; afterward (in a video of the next event, probably the next day) Hibiki along with Haruka goes around searching for Junichi (where he is recognized not by his look but as the ‘zukan’ guy, similar to the “Park-kun” thing you’ve seen in the 1st season. Pretty much negate her ‘remember the people she met quite well’ comment) to apologize to him. The manga had Haruka & Hibiki looking for him at the school gate instead of the two going around the 2nd years classrooms which caused a commotion in the hallway that made Junichi & Umehara get out to see what is going on in the game version of the event.

3rd- Basically, on the day the school cafeteria has the Specialty Ramen Series Menu, Junichi was able to get Hataka’s Special Tonkotsu(not typo of Tonkatsu) Ramen, then he decided to eat it outside. While he was enjoying it, Haruka approached him, commented on ‘the way he eat the ramen made it seemed so delicious, even up close’ and then gave him a piece of fried food, but Junichi was a bit occupied by how the soup splashed that it took him a minute to realized that it was Haruka who was speaking to him & did it.
Haruka then stated “Boys should be eating a lot.”, Junichi was surprised so he could only utter Haruka’s name. That got her wondered if they’ve met before. After wondering for a while, she gave up, asking for Junichi’s name, then said ‘eat lots and grow up well’ then left. Per usual, Tsukahara Hibiki followed in later, ‘seems like Haruka has troubled you.’ ‘That must have surprised you.’ ‘Haruka didn’t mean anything bad by it, but… seeing how you were enjoying your meal. She said that she’d like to give you more foods, so she took her last piece of fried food and put it into your ramen. It probably annoyed you, right.’ to which, Junichi responded ‘ah, not really, I was a bit surprised at first, but no problem.’
Hibiki praised Junichi that he is ‘broad-minded’ and Junichi responded with his modesty. Hibiki then said that ‘the Swimming Club has a meeting so she has to go’, Junichi: ‘so you’re in the Swimming club’ and Hibiki wasted no chance to invite him to join; Junichi had his regret of not being able to see the girls in swimsuit, but decided not to join.

(This event got referred to in the “Love² but BAD≒OP” story (which serves to soften Haruka’s Suki-Bad ending (it’s shown as one of the more vindictive ending of the game)) in Amagami Various Artist Volume 2. Also, this chapter serves as reason why scanlating all the chapters from Various Artist and giving the average readers the understanding of the chapters is a difficult task. As the avg reader doesn’t know about the Suki-bad end of the game which means they lack the proper context as to how events+events = current situation in the chapter; and in that chapter there are references to other events in Haruka’s route that wasn’t animated, or is somewhat different in the manga version (LGO Haruka – ch05) – a ‘flashback panel’ in the double page. The “” line was referred to specifically in the end of this chapter which again would be completely lost on any reader who doesn’t know about this 3rd way of meeting Haruka.)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Random fun things in between<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
**In no particular order**

-Junichi was pulled into going shopping underwear with Haruka & Hibiki a few times, in one of them, when he suggested to do something else, Haruka proposed that they go and buy him underwear instead.

-Haruka took Junichi to a bar, where they’ll… play darts… (‘like we’re gonna drink sake while still wearing uniform. Haha’) She then showed him how to play darts. Then one day they encountered a guy(Michael Gallagher – Maikeru Gyaraga-san – supposedly a Californian, English lecturer ‘Call me Mike.’) who proceeded to challenge Haruka to a game of darts for… Junichi. (seriously, lol – as for Junichi and the player, until Haruka revealed the truth, were assuming that the guy was hitting on Haruka.) Mike did say beforehand : ‘Nice guy desu ne~’ but hell, who could have realized that that sentence means…

-Or the event where Junichi came across Haruka who was peeking in on Swimming club’s practice, then Hibiki noticed them. Then you got the option of taking the blame for Haruka or run and leave her behind.
In taking the blame for Haruka, you’ll get Umehara involved as the ‘other guy’ that Hibiki saw, Haruka will come later and bring you and Umehara some sweet potatoes while you and him were doing the ‘request from Tsukahara-senpai'(as Umehara knows, as for you it read punishment instead) to sweep the falling leaves -> using those leaves to roast the potatoes -> eat together. Or you can leave Haruka there, and later she’d stage a situation where she and Hibiki nearly convinced you that Haruka is actually a “trap”.

-Haruka comes to Junichi’s house to give him his birthday present on his birthday. Well, actually when she got there she only remember the ‘to surprise you’ part… after she has been told that she has accomplished that part, she then proceeded to say good bye… only to remember the reason for her visit a minute later. Her present to him is pretty interesting stuff, quite Haruka-ish. She then said good bye… only to come back once again since she forgot the way back to the train station. So in the end, Junichi escorted her back to the train station. (there is at least to my knowledge a variation to her birthday present giving situations though, so as the presents itself.)

-Other than that, canonically, Haruka does come to stay over at Junichi’s house, but Miya didn’t know that, so Haruka decided to tease Miya, since Miya is afraid of ghost. But in the end, Junichi is the one that Miya got mad at instead…

-Remember the visiting the Amusement Park date in Ai’s arc of the anime? The part where Junichi and Ai got inside the haunted house? In Haruka’s route, when the smoke came out, Haruka turned into a little puppy. Actually, you can see what the heroines turned into when they go inside the haunted house with Junichi in that episode.

-Junichi got mistaken as the one who stole Haruka’s panties… this expand the ‘tennen’ ~ air-head forgetfulness of Haruka in that she told him that she really likes character print goods, Dak-kun & Taneuma-kun, etc… and then when Haruka mentioned that she and Hibiki has been going shopping for underwear like once a month -> ‘Wouldn’t your drawer be overflowing with underwear then?’ ‘Unfortunately that’s not the case… some of them just disappear…’ …etc… after a few sentences… Haruka mentioned that her panties has ‘character prints’ on it… and Junichi accidentally said ~~ ‘no one would mistake your favourites Dak-kun’ which lead to ‘How did you know that Haruka’s favourites is Dak-kun?’ -> Haruka suspect that he is the who stole her panties. Hibiki knew that something is not right, so she told him to ‘come over here.’ then listen to what he had to say. But his explanation does nothing to erase Hibiki’s (who didn’t know much about his interaction with Haruka) suspicion of him, she even asked if he is a stalker (for Haruka being pretty popular, so there were stalkers in the past).
The truth is Haruka came to sleep over at Hibiki’s house and then forgot that she left them there, Hibiki’s mother left it together with her family’s laundry and then forgot to pass them back to Haruka.

-Or Haruka after being teased by Hibiki about how things are going really well between her and Junichi went to his classroom and drawing Dak-kun, Kuma-kun, & a lover umbrella with her name and Junichi under it.

-And if there is still anyone who think that Miya is canonically romantically attracted to Junichi therefore is jealous of Haruka, due to her reaction in the anime… In game, Miya only show some resistance when Junichi is there with Haruka. As long as he isn’t there, she can get along with Haruka just fine. As in she is shown talking together, eating together, going to an antique shop (which a friend of Haruka introduced to her, where there are many cute dolls; on this event they didn’t found the shop at where they were told so they decided to split up to search for it, then Miya got hit on by a salary man, Junichi jumped in to saved her, score points with Haruka in the process. They found the shop later but it’s already closing time), checking out shops together, etc…

-With regard to Umehara, the guy is really a Love Martyr. He encourages Junichi in anyway with Junichi’s love life, but fails to get a date of his own. When Junichi’s feeling for Haruka was wavering, he said that he’d go confess his love to Haruka in the next break, ‘You’re the stupid one. Nothing will start if you refuse to act’. You get the choice to chase after him or not. If you choose to chase after Umehara to stop him from confessing, there’ll be a scene where:
Umehara: ‘The hell are you doing!?’
Junichi: ‘That’s my line!’
Umehara: ‘What!?’
Junichi: ‘You listen good! I won’t let you confess to Morishima-senpai!’ [you is implied instead of spoken, so this line could also mean ~~ ‘I won’t let anyone else confess to Morishima-senpai’]

Umehara: ‘See, your feelings are clearly saying that you like Morishima-senpai.’
Junichi: ‘U-umehara…’
Umehara: ‘Man… what a troublesome fella you are…’
Junichi: ‘C-couldn’t it be that you…’
Umehara: ‘Well, anyway seems like you’re OK now.’
Junichi: ‘were just trying to stir me up…?’
Umehara: ‘don’t forget the spirit that you have just now.’
Junichi: ‘Of course.’
Umehara: ‘You can walk slowly if you’re tired. But don’t stop moving forward.’
Junichi: ‘The hell… Why do you get to say such thing?’
Umehara: ‘That’s my motto. You’re free to use it.’
Junichi: ‘No, thanks.’
Umehara: ‘I see. Hahahahaha.’
Junichi: ‘Hahahahaha.’

And then, after getting stirred up by Umehara, Junichi sprang into action, actively going after Haruka.

If you choose to go after Umehara to see how his confession goes, there’ll be a scene where
Junichi: ‘(Eh? M-Morishima-senpai is smiling… S-she couldn’t have said OK, could she? Huh? Umehara is laughing too?)’
Then ‘(Ah? They parted… Phew… What am I doing… Isn’t there something else that I should have done instead of sneaking around peeping? I am an idiot.)’
Haruka: ‘Fufu, what are you doing, Tachibana-kun?’
Junichi: ‘Eh? M-Morishima-senpai…’
Haruka: ‘You seems so perplexed, what happened?
Junichi: ‘Eh? Ah, no…’
Haruka: ‘That’s right, about your friend, Umehara-kun, he’s a pretty good guy.’
Junichi: ‘Eh… Ah, really…’
Haruka: ‘Huh? Such an indifferent response.’
Junichi: ‘Ah… Because we’ve known each other so long… it’s more difficult to see praises…’
Haruka: ‘Fufu… you mean is it more difficult to be honest, right?’
Junichi: ‘(Stupid! I’m so stupid! Umehara is my friend, I should have spoken well of his good points…)’
Haruka: ‘His feelings for his friends reaally moved me.’
Junichi: ‘Eh?’
Haruka: ‘He came to me to talk about you.’
Junichi: ‘About me?’
Haruka: ‘Yeah, he said stuff like ‘That guy is really lousy in his speech but he has been looking at you for quite a while now.’ ‘
Junichi: ‘Eehh?’
Haruka: ‘Please don’t see him as just another one among your fans.’
Junichi: ‘(U-Umehara…)’
Haruka: ‘You not only have a cute little sister, but is blessed with a good friend too~’
Junichi: ‘(it’s your type of guys…)’
Haruka: ‘Whoa!’
Junichi: ‘W-what is it, senpai?’
Haruka: ‘He told me to keep it a secret from you…’
Junichi: ‘Eh? Ahh…’
Haruka: ‘Sorry, Tachibana-kun. Don’t let Umehara-kun know that I told you, OK?’
Junichi: ‘OK.’
Haruka: ‘He’s a great friend, so be nice to him OK? See you.’
Junichi: ‘OK!’ ‘(Umehara… Right now, I’m really touched by what you did for the coward me…)’
And so he swear to be more active in pursuing Haruka.

Or you can choose to just don’t care and not follow Umehara at all.
Then ran into him on the way home…
Talked a bunch with him that just lead no where, making him frustrated all the while.
And even in the end, thought to yourself that you’ve ‘encouraged a broken-hearted friend.’


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE ENDINGS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Morishima Haruka’s Good end (titled: Morishima Haruka Suki Epilogue GOOD) and Best end (titled: Morishima Haruka Suki Epilogue BEST) share the same beginning:
Starting at Junichi’s home, when he was preparing for the date with Haruka, Miya knocked then came in. She was surprised at Junichi’s appearance as he seems “different than usual”, then she told him that “it doesn’t fit you at all”, “it screams out that you’re trying too hard”, “makes you look lame instead”. Of course that upset Junichi; Miya then said that she’s out shopping then bailed out of his room. And because of what Miya had said, Junichi spent too much time choosing his outfit (stuck between overdress and looks weird and just dress like usual and ‘I’ll be greeting her family, I can’t be just wearing my usual clothes’ dilemma.) that caused him to be late as you’ve seen in the anime.
****Just as the anime, he arrived 15 minutes late.***
In game there is a small conversation about the character printed towel that Haruka gave Junichi to wipe his sweat. ‘This is the Taneuma-kun’s towel right?’ ‘yeah’ ‘you do have many character printed goods’ ‘fufu, so you do remember that’ ‘of course! How can I forget about things that you like!?’ ‘That despite being late to the meeting place?’ ‘ah.. that… I’m really sorry…’ ‘*snicker* That’s ok.’
***back to the anime, ‘I can’t get mad at you if you ran hard enough to make steam come out.” and then a big Adaption Distillation realize for anyone who didn’t know:
‘Let’s hurry up.’ ‘Okay, ah, um… where are we going?’ ‘Ah, right, I haven’t told you tonight’s schedule.’ ‘You’ve only told me that we’re going to meet with your family.’ ‘I see, I see… Okay, then will you leave it up to me?’ ‘Eh? Ah, okay… but…’ ‘You just have to follow me! It’s a lot more interesting when you don’t know what might come next, right?’ ‘y-yeah, that’s right…’ ‘OK, so let’s get moving!’
‘Start out with shopping!’ ‘OK.’

‘Fufu, so many people.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Everyone seems like they’re having fun.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘How about you?’ ‘Eh?’ ‘Are you enjoying this?’ ‘O-of course! How can being with Senpai not enjoyable!?’ ‘Eh?’ ‘Ah, …I’m sorry…’ ‘Geez, you say such things so easily…’ ‘I-I’m sorry.’ ‘And despite that, you haven’t told me… the most fundamental thing…’ ‘Eh?’ ‘Nothing! Come on, let’s go!’ ‘Ah, s-senpai.’

‘W-wait, Senpai.’ ‘Fufu, I’m not waiting for you.’ ‘S-Senpai’ ‘Over here.’ ‘Ah… (Crap… I lost sight of her. But I can’t just stood here. I’m gonna do my best to chase after her!)’

‘(Okay… I guess I’ve slipped out of the crowd… let’s see, where is Senpai…)’
‘Ah, Tachibana-kun.’
There he found Haruka being with a child. He’s been crying all along, so Haruka figured that he’s a lost child. [The child is not voiced, and there’s no indication of the child gender so ‘he’ is only chosen by default] She tried to stop his cries, then suggested that they bring the child to the nearest police post.
There they found the mother of the child. [he has a name, but there are just too many readings for that name, so…].

‘Fufu, I’m glad that he got reunited with his mother.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I was right in bringing him to the police post right away.’ ‘Yes. If it were up to me alone, I’d have walked him around in search for his mother.’ ‘Fufufu, on occasion like this, it’d be quicker to go straight to the Lost Child Center or a police post.’ ‘I see.’ ‘Yes. But that’s speaking from my experience only. Especially like the one earlier, who just keep crying, just asking his name would be a difficult task.’ ‘Ah, that’s right.’ ‘Fufu, but I’m glad that it was resolved quickly.’ ‘You are so kind, Senpai.’ ‘Huh? W-why?’ ‘You wouldn’t hesitate about coming up to a crying lost child, right?’ ‘Huh? Isn’t it an obvious thing to do?’ ‘Regrettably, that’s not the case. Most people wouldn’t bother themselves…’ ‘Umm… That’s true… The world is so harsh…’ ‘That’s why you’re amazing, Senpai.’ ‘I-it’s nothing so grand. It’s just that I can’t turn my eyes from a crying child. That’s how I am.’ ‘That’s how you are…’ ‘Yeah. It sadden me to see a lost child.’ ‘That, I think I can understand.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘(Maybe that’s why Senpai called out to me at the park, 2 years ago.)’ ‘and that’s that.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘The case was resolved before anything happened, so don’t look so grim.’ ‘Ah, right.’ ‘We’ve got to enjoy this, right?’ ‘(Senpai…)’ ‘Hmmm, you went back to that face again~ Geez, is it really that boring being with me?’ ‘Ah, no, it’s really enjoyable.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Really!’ ‘Wao, good answer. Then smile more.’ ‘Eh? Ah, OK.’
{Here is where the 2 endings diverge from each other}
In the GOOD end:
Then Haruka found a taiyaki shop, so with “Onee-san is going to treat you.” She bought some for both of them to eat while walking around. And we have a ‘there’s a bit of jam on your cheek’ ‘Eh? Which side is it?’ ‘lean over here.’ then “Chu~”.

‘S-senpai… just now you…’ ‘gochisousama~’

‘Shall we go to that park?’ ‘By that park, you mean the one on that hill?’ ‘Yeah, where we first met.’ ‘It’s fine by me, but to keep your family waiting is…’ ‘Ah! I see… Um, the truth is, the flight is delayed so my grandparents couldn’t come.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘The party will have to be left to some other time… Sorry, Tachibana-kun. So, just us 2… ok?’ ‘Yes! I’ll go!’ ‘fufu, thanks’ ‘(it’s a pity that I can’t meet her family, but… this may turn out to be a chance instead! Yeah! I just have to get a good mood going between us. Okay!)’

‘(I didn’t expect Senpai to invite me here… could it be…)’ ‘It’s gotten so dark.’ ‘Ah, right.’ ‘Ah, Tachibana-kun, look!’ ‘…eh?’ ‘Uwaah… it’s snowing…’ ‘So beautiful.’ ‘It’s a white Christmas.’ ‘Fufu, it makes your heart races.’ ‘(Okay… the time is now. I’m gonna confess!)’ ‘Senpai!’ ‘Eh? What’s all of a sudden?’ ‘The truth is… There’s something that I want to tell you.’ ‘Ah…’ ‘About Senpai… I…’ ‘Ah, w-wait, Tachibana-kun.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘Um… Tachibana-kun…’ ‘Y-yes?’ ‘Yup. It’s no good like this.’ ‘(What is senpai thinking?)’ ‘Tachibana-kun. You’re worried about something, right?’ ‘Eh? W-what do you mean?’ ‘I wonder… I believe that it’s something really important…’ ‘T-there’s no… such thing.’ ‘Really? I can’t say that I feel the same.’ ‘W-why is it?’ ‘Um… my intuition, I guess?’ ‘Your intuition…?’ ‘It’s usually correct… but I hope that it’s wrong this time…’ ‘Eh?’ ‘You know… I’m… Never mind. I can’t do this now.’ ‘You can’t do it now?’ ‘Tachibana-kun. I hope that my intuition is wrong, but I’d like you to think this over.’ ‘Think over…’ ‘Yeah… Please… Give yourself more time to think over about me…’ ‘Senpai…’ ‘Sorry for my selfishness.’ ‘N-no… you aren’t being selfish.’ ‘Fufu, thanks. Ah right, here is my home telephone number.’ ‘Eh? Ah, OK.’ ‘If…’ ‘If?’ ‘Nothing… I’d be happy to receive phone call from you. Then, see you!’ ‘Ah, s-senpai…’ ‘(Senpai… I see… It’s obvious that my vague attitude has made Senpai worried. I have to think this over… and then come to a resolute conclusion.)’

And then in the penultimate video in this ending titled ‘It’s my 3rd time confessing!’
Starting in the living room of Junichi’s house. He made the phone call to Haruka’s, and lucky him and his nervous that Haruka is the one who pick up the phone, or is it? She proceeded to ask ‘Tachibana-kun, who?’ and then a bunch of other trivia questions that ties up in ‘Sorry. I just want to tease you a bit.’ ‘I see…’ ‘Fufu, I’m really sorry. So, what’s up?’ ‘Ah! About that… (H-here I go!)’ ‘Are you still there, Tachibana-kun?’ ‘S-senpai.’ ‘What?’ ‘Actually, there’s something I want to tell you.’ ‘Yeah, enough that you would phone me, right? So, I’m listening, what is it?’ ‘Ah, if possible I’d like to see you in person…’ ‘Wao, seems like something really important.’ ‘Y-yes. Is it OK?’ ‘Okay. So where are we going to meet up?’ ‘Let’s see… Ah, how about the park on that hill?’ ‘Roger~! So we’ll meet up 1 hour later, okay?’ ‘Okay.’

‘(…I guess I got here too early. I’m getting cold. Everything started right here. Being rejected 2 years ago… Meeting Senpai last year… I’d never thought that I’d come here feeling like this.)’ ‘Sorry, did you wait long?’ ‘Ah, Senpai, I’ve only just arrived.’ ‘Fufu, it’s like we’re going to this park everyday.’ ‘Y-yeah… but, there is something I want to tell you right here on this park.’ ‘I know.’ ‘Senpai… I love you. I love you a lot!’ ‘Sigh…’ ‘Ah… I know that I’m troubling you by confessing a 3rd time, but…’ ‘Ah, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention. You’ve finally say it to me.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘I know that I was being selfish in turning you down earlier… but this is what I’ve been waiting for…’ ‘Ehh?’ ‘It’s what I’ve been waiting for all along…’ ‘M-Morishima-senpai…’ ‘I love you too!’ ‘Senpai!’

***switch to hug & kiss scene***
‘I love you, Senpai.’
‘Yeah… Me too. Hold me tighter.’
**credits roll**
**titled:Morishima Haruka Suki Epilogue GOOD**

{Haruka narrating} ‘Fufu, even I wouldn’t have the heart to turn him down when he confessed to me the 3rd time. Eh? Um… Of course I do like him… O-okay… I really love him. But somehow I found it hard to admit it so I did something not so nice. Fufu, and his reaction is just so cute. Just like a puppy.’

Haruka: ‘Okay! Sit!’
???:’Wan wan!’
Haruka: ‘S-I-T!’
Haruka: ‘Do this~’
Haruka: ‘Waaah! You can’t do it here!’
Haruka: ‘Geez… What am I going to do with you~’
???: ‘Maybe he drank too much milk earlier.’
Haruka: ‘Humm… Seeing how he drink so heartily made me gave him even more~’
???: ‘Are you really taking care of him?’
Haruka: ‘Eeehh! Didn’t you express your approval when I said that I want to keep a dog?’
Junichi: ‘That is… in place of me…’
Haruka: ‘What?’
Junichi: ‘Um… I mean that I graduated from being Senpai’s pet, so he will now take my place…’
Haruka: ‘Yeah. I’ve been worried about lots of things since someone has become my darling.’
Junichi: ‘H-how could it be…’
{Haruka narrating} ‘A cute guy who is younger than me. I love that part of you… But I love the grown up presence that you have recently too. Keep on loving me years from now on, okay? Fufu, I entrust myself to you!’
[Since the Protagonist isn’t voiced, the ??? actor misled you into thinking that she was saying all that to Junichi instead until he said something.]

As for the BEST end (titled: Morishima Haruka Suki Epilogue BEST):
Haruka: ‘There’s still something lacking…’
Junichi: ‘Eh? R-really?’
Haruka: ‘No other way, I guess I’ll do all that I can for you.’
Junichi: ‘All that you can?’
Haruka: Let’s go, Tachibana-kun.
Junichi: W-wait for me, Senpai.

**And we arrived at the hotel, at this point the anime already covered most of the overall situation. The difference is mostly in some details of the conversation.
Like the continuation of the came to the hotel to ‘do all that she can for him’ having Junichi imagination ran wilder than the one featured in the anime.

****The Epilogue is a bit different from the 10 years later in the anime, actually there isn’t anything to suggest how much time has passed since that Christmas in the game version:
{Haruka narrating} ‘Geez, it[refer to what she did at the hotel] was so embarrassing so don’t mention it again. You just recalled it? Geez, meanie. But, I’m glad that I was able to summon my courage to do it. And therefore I am able to be with my wonderful… or more actually, cute darling. *snicker* Anyway, I still find it a bit hard to believe that you’ve become a detective.’
Haruka: ‘Oka~y. The Nikujaga[Japanese-style beef and potato stew] is finely cooked. Eh? You want a taste? OK, Aa~n.’
*phone ring*
Haruka: ‘Eh? Something comes up? Wait a sec, I’m going to get your coat.’
*running steps* *clack clack*[Sound of Haruka hitting 2 pieces of stone together, a safety charm]
Haruka: ‘Be careful, darling!’
Junichi: ‘Ok, I’ll be back soon. *mogu mogu*'[chewing sfx, speaking with a mouthful style in this sentence]
Haruka: ‘Ah, do the ‘you’re under arrest’ thing when you come back okay~’
Junichi: ‘Fueh?’
Haruka: ‘Fufu, Itterasshai~’

{Haruka narrating} ‘The time spent with Tachibana-kun. Ah, I’m now sharing his last name! I still can’t get used to it. Ehem, I come to love you more and more with every passing day being with you, Junichi-kun [voiced as “anata” ~ “darling”]. Keep loving me in the future too, my darling.’


– 'The normal end' is the one where Junichi didn't invite Haruka out for a Christmas date but the 2 attend the Founder Festival instead. This one is pretty interesting since there are:
1- Kanae (Rihoko's friend, the only girl who wears a necktie instead of a ribbon) who was supposed to be Miss Santa Contest winner, challenge Haruka to a final showdown in the Miss Santa Contest because she doesn’t believe that she has actually win until she has came out ahead vs Haruka.
Junichi:”Senpai… Kanae-san has said that much, going up there is your only option now.”
Haruka:”Eh? B-but…”
Junichi:”Truthfully speaking, I’d love to monopolize you, but…”
Haruka:”Eehh? M-monopolize…”
Junichi:”They’re all waiting for you…”
Haruka:”Um… [actually Tachibana-kun, but since protagonist can be renamed “um…” is said by the VA instead.]”
*the crowd calling her name*
Junichi:”I’ll cheer for you from here…”
Haruka:”Geez… You just have to say things that’d trouble me…”

2- It is revealed that Haruka's Santa costume is actually handmade by Hibiki for herself to participate in last year Miss Santa Contest but she withdrew in the end due to the actual reason that it's too embarrassing (despite that she made the outfit herself). The excuse told to Haruka is that she was too busy with the Founder Festival Committee work.
3- Only after the challenge event end, which obviously with Haruka marking her 3rd victory, it is revealed that since the school buildings are locked for the duration of the Founder Festival, so Haruka changed from her uniform to the Santa outfit behind a tree with Hibiki on look-out duty for her.
4- Junichi has a love rival in this route, the most popular boy of the 1st years, Kisato Romio, not a foreigner or half Japanese mind you, but a Japanese with a name comprise of 3 kanjis with Ro-mi-o as their reading. (Similar to Steins;Gate’s Kurisu whose name is comprise of 3 kanjis and therefore not Chris or Christina…)

The events leading up to the confession: After telling Haruka to ask the janitor to allow her to get inside the school building to change, Junichi went to get something warm (the amazake from the Tea Ceremony Club) since she was having some slight cough(no surprise consider her outfit).
Junichi got the amazake, came back, heard voices, peeked in, and there he saw Kisato Romio inside, together with Haruka. Apparently, this guy followed Haruka after seeing her got inside the school, and is now trying to make his last ditch effort to confess to Haruka. Just like every time, Haruka notice Junichi peeking shortly afterward, calling him “a coward” in a ‘did I just say that out loud’ moment to which Kisato’s confused.
Try as he might, even the ‘don’t have to be boyfriend-girlfriend right away, we can start as friend’ card still result a resounding:
Haruka: “I really appreciate your feelings, but I can’t.”
Haruka: “I’m going out with someone right now.”
Kisato: “Eehh!?” [Junichi also goes Eehh!? in his thought.]
Haruka: “…well, actually, it doesn’t feel as if we’re officially going out though.”
Kisato: “No way…” (J: seriously… because of such a stupid reason…)
Kisato: “W-who is it!? Couldn’t you be making that up just to… {cut off: “reject me”}”
Haruka: “The hopeless guy who has been peeking from over there.”
Kisato: “Eh?”
Junichi: “Eeehhh!?”
Haruka: “Geez, what took you so long, Tachibana-kun. [Again, the name is not said.]”
Junichi: “Ah, I-I’m sorry…”

Kisato: “No way… that’s…”
Haruka: “I’m really sorry, Kisato-kun.”
Kisato: “DAMNIT!!!” [And then took off.]
Haruka: “Ah…”
Junichi: “Ah…”
Haruka: “Um… I guess I just hurt his feelings… but I can’t go out with him…”
Junichi: “Ah, t-that’s true.”
Junichi: “(I-I wonder if she was serious?)” “(Or was it just an excuse to reject the guy…)”

Haruka: “C-come on now, Tachibana-kun!”
Junichi: “Eh? Ah, yes?”
Haruka: “Say something…”
Junichi: “Eh? Ah, y-yeah… um…”
Haruka: “…”
Junichi: “E-earlier… when you told him that I’m your boyfriend…”
Haruka: “Ah… yeah…”
Junichi: “I was really happy… even though it’s not true.”
Haruka: “T-that wasn’t a lie… um…”
Junichi: “Huh?”
Haruka: “…Ahaha, now that I think about it, I just went and said something so embarrassing. What am I going to do with me…”
Junichi: “Senpai…”
Haruka: “Ah, what’s that?”
Junichi: “I brought you some amazake…”
Haruka: “Fufu, thanks, Tachibana-kun.”

Haruka: “Ittadakima~su.”
Junichi: “Itadakimasu.”
Haruka: “…Hnn, it’s so good!”
Junichi: “Really? I’m glad.”
Haruka: “Fufu, I’m all warmed up now.”
Junichi: “So it seems.”
Haruka: “Thanks, Tachibana-kun.”
Junichi: “Ah, please don’t mind.”
Haruka: “No, not just about today…”
Junichi: “Eh?”
Haruka: “…Fu, it’s so good.”
Junichi: (Senpai…)
Haruka: “…Fufufu…”
Junichi: “What is it, Senpai?”
Haruka: “…Taking our time, drinking amazake like this, it feels like we’ve become an ojii-chan & an obaa-chan.”
Junichi: “Eh?”
Haruka: “An old happy couple, basking in the sun, while drinking tea on the veranda, isn’t it?”
Junichi: “…I see, I get that feeling too.”
Haruka: “Fufu, see?”
Junichi: “…If I’m with Senpai…”
Haruka: “Hn?”
Junichi: “Um, I can go out and wear a red chanchanko right now if I can be with you, Senpai.”
[chanchanko is a kind of Japanese vest that’s almost exclusively worn by either those that are very young or very old (over the retirement age level)].
Haruka: “Wao, you’re willing to go that far?”
Junichi: “Yes… I can’t see anything that can cause a discord between us.”
Haruka: “Tachibana-kun…” [Unvoiced…]
Haruka: “I was feeling so cold until a moment ago…”
Junichi: “Ah, a-are you feeling okay now?”
Haruka: “…But, both my heart and my body are really warm now.”
Junichi: “Senpai… I…”
Haruka: “Hn?”
Junichi: “Um… At the Miss Santa Contest… I was putting on airs in front of you…”
Haruka: “Eh?”
Junichi: “But… Deep down, I truly want to have you all to myself.”
Haruka: “Ah…”
Junichi: “I want you… to look at me only. I want you to be my Senpai…”
Haruka: “Tachibana-kun…”
Junichi: “Morishima-senpai, I love you.”
Haruka: “You finally say those words to me…”
*switch to hug&kiss scene*
Junichi: “Senpai…”
Haruka: “I’ve been waiting for you…”
Junichi: “Yes…”
Haruka: “Geez, I seriously had thought that I wouldn’t get to hear it until I became an obaa-chan…”
*eyes closed*
Haruka: “I love you…”
*fades to credits* (titled: “Morishima Haruka Nakayoshi Epilogue”)
*song named: Zutto, konomama de… (Forever like this…) is sung by Ayatsuji Tsukasa (CV: Nazuka Kaori)*

Miya: “W-wait, wait!”
Junichi: “Hn?”
Miya: “I’m gonna be late, drive me to school, Niinii!”
Junichi: “What… again? How helpless you are…”
Junichi: “Miya, haven’t you been relying on me too much ever since I bought a car?”
Miya: “Geez, I don’t need you to tell me that~”

Miya: “You really saved me~ Thanks, Niinii! Ah, say hi to Morishima-senpai for me too.”
Junichi: “Okay, study hard.”
Miya: “Ittekima~su.”
Junichi: “Itterasshai.”
Junichi: “You don’t have to hide anymore.”
*Haruka pops in*
Haruka: “Whoa, Miya-chan just suddenly jumped in really surprised me~.”
Junichi: “I mean, she almost saw you leaving my house then go straight to university.” {implying she has stayed over *if you know what I mean*}
Haruka: “Eh, then we are going to the university now? Why won’t we make a trip to the beach for today?”
Junichi: “Skipping again?”
Haruka: “Come on~ Let’s go~”
Junichi: “O-okay…”
Haruka: ‘It’s been 2 years since we went out.’ {Haruka narrating}
Haruka: ‘Just being together is so much fun that the time just flew by so quick… How troublesome~’
Haruka: ‘If this keeps up, we’re gonna become an ojii-chan and an obaa-chan in a wink!’
Haruka: ‘But that doesn’t matter,’
Haruka: ‘if you are by my side.’

*Updated due multiple memory faults…* Variations: There’s a small variant of the event where the one deliver the opening ceremony speech for the Founder Festival could be either Ayatsuji Tsukasa (perfectly done) or Kurosawa Noriko** (stuttered throughout the speech). Noriko is commented by Haruka as ‘seems like a quiet girl, she seems nervous, the type that’d make you want to protect’ and that ‘This girl is interesting’ and when is asked by Junichi, she responded ‘She’s the same as you. Clumsy but is really trying her best.’). In both of them, Haruka then mentioned that last year’s opening ceremony speech was done by no other than Tsukahara Hibiki (and yeah, she was last year’s Founder Festival Committee President); she was so cool that her speech captivated Haruka, in which ‘captivated’ is the keyword that caused Junichi to ask about the person who did the speech since obviously he didn’t participate in last year’s festival.

**Regard this Kurosawa Noriko:
– favorites: ‘protagonist’ – authority/power – money – people who is nice to her – daydreaming
– dislikes: Tsukasa – Things don’t go her way.
– family: both parents. – method of commute: Trains.
– her father is a member of the city council.
– she is in class 2-B, Rihoko’s classmate (in game Risa is in 2-C, the anime changed her to 2-B).
– she is in love with ‘the protagonist’ and therefore, due to strong misunderstanding & negative thoughts, she sees Tsukasa as a (love) rival, the typical bully girl type, that will do anything to lower Tsukasa’s reputation, and to remove Tsukasa’s position in the Founder Festival Committee.


– And the part where you can’t avoid when talking about every ending, Haruka’s Suki-bad ending. In which you (Junichi) stood up Haruka on their Christmas date, and only realized it when it’s too late.

***Haruka on that day:
‘So late!’ ‘(Ah, I accidentally spoke it out loud. Geez, what is he doing? How many times do you think that I was hit on while waiting for you!? I’m really angry! But… I’m sure he’ll be here in haste, and then apologize just like a puppy that were scolded. B-but I’m not forgiving you this time~. Well… Today’s Christmas so… I guess I’ll forgive him if he comes now… Okay, a limited special service! )’

{Haruka narrating} ‘It’s so cold… Geez… It’s this late already… What am I doing… This is so stupid. It’s so vexing… I get it… This must be a penalty. Because I’ve stepped on so many people’s feelings… Maybe that’s how this is… So now I’m getting a taste of my own medicine… That can’t be true. Hmm… Hibiki may laugh at me for this… ‘

Child: ‘Whoah! Snow! It’s snowing!’ ‘Uwah!’ *fell down*
Haruka: ‘Ah, are you okay? It’s dangerous if you don’t watch where you’re going.’
Child: ‘Ah, I’m sorry. I got ice cream on your coat.’
Haruka: ‘Eh? Ah, yeah.’
Child: ‘I’m so sorry, onee-chan.’
Haruka: ‘You can say sorry. What a good child you are.’
Child: ‘Yeah! Hm? Onee-chan, why are you crying?’
Haruka: ‘Eh? Ah… (um… maybe it’s because my favorite coat got dirtied… I wonder why am I crying?)’
Child: ‘I-I’m so sorry.’
Haruka: ‘Ah, I’m fine, don’t mind it.’
Child: ‘But…’
Haruka: ‘Even onee-chan doesn’t know why is she crying.’

Junichi: ‘I’m home~. (Yeah. It’s a nice Christmas. All that’s left is my feelings.)’
Junichi: ‘What the… No one is home?’
Junichi: (Ah, there are voice messages. I guess I’ll listen to it before get back to my room.)
**a beep sound and a blank empty message**
Junichi: ‘(Eh? Why there isn’t any sound in that message?)’
**another beep sound and a blank empty message**
Junichi: ‘(Again? Who is doing that on this occasion? Ah! I-I get it now… How stupid am I! It must be Morishima-senpai’s! She has called… Morishima-senpai, I’m sorry… I’m really sorry.)’

The penultimate video of this ending is titled: ‘I’ve done something unforgivable to Morishima-senpai. I must apologize to her.’

Junichi wanted to contact Haruka but he didn’t know her telephone number, so he consulted Umehara. Then he proceeded to call her. The phone rang many times but no one pick up, so he was thinking that no one is home, then Haruka pick up:

Haruka: ‘Hello, it’s the Morishimas.’
Junichi: ‘Ah, Morishima-senpai! It’s Tachibana! I’m really sorry!’
Haruka: ‘Tachibana-kun? How did you know my home number?’
Junichi: ‘Um… that’s a long story…’
Haruka: ‘Tell me.’
Junichi: ‘Umehara, a friend of mine who knows someone from the Swimming Team…’
Haruka: ‘And?’
Junichi: ‘this friend of my friend then ask Tsukahara-senpai to tell me your number… I’m really sorry.’
Haruka: ‘I see… So you got it from Hibiki… I guess it can’t be helped…’
Junichi: ‘I’m really sorry.’
Haruka: ‘So why are you calling me?’
Junichi: ‘Um… I’m really sorry about yesterday.’
Haruka: ‘Hmm…’
Junichi: ‘I’d like to apologize to you in person… and I also have something else to say to you…’
Haruka: ‘You don’t have to apologize anymore. What else do you want to tell me?’
Junichi: ‘Please let me talk to you in person.’
Haruka: ‘…’
Junichi: ‘I beg you… Senpai…’
Haruka: ‘Why…’
Junichi: ‘Y-yes?’
Haruka: ‘…’
Junichi: ‘…’
Haruka: ‘Okay. Where shall me meet up?’
Junichi: ‘Is the park up that hill okay?’
Haruka: ‘I see. That’s an appropriate place. OK.’
Junichi: ‘Then, I’ll see you in 1 hour.’
Haruka: ‘Okay. Bye.’
Junichi: ‘(Okay, I get to meet her. So now, let’s hurry there.)’

Junichi: ‘(This might be too late, but… I really do have feelings for Morishima-senpai… Let’s be honest! Let’s make this my 3rd confession!)’
Junichi: ‘Ah, Morishima-senpai.’
Haruka: ‘I’ve keep you waiting.’
Junichi: ‘I’m really sorry about yesterday!’
Haruka: ‘I already said that it doesn’t matter anymore, right?’
Junichi: ‘You did… but I still feel that I must say that straight to you…’
Haruka: ‘Okay. I got it.’
Junichi: ‘(It’s only natural that she’s angry, it’s my fault after all.)’
Haruka: ‘So? What is it that you’d like to tell me?’
Junichi: ‘Senpai… I… I love you!’
Haruka: ‘…And?’
Junichi: ‘Huh? Um… well…’
Haruka: ‘Tachibana-kun…’
Junichi: ‘Y-yes?’
Haruka: ‘I loved you too.’
Junichi: ‘Eh? T-then that means…’
Haruka: ‘But… It’s impossible after all.’
Junichi: ‘I-impossible?’
Haruka: ‘I’m selfish & fickle, a troublesome woman.’
Junichi: ‘T-that’s not true!’
Haruka: ‘But I won’t break a promise to someone I love.’
Junichi: ‘Ah…’
Haruka: ‘I won’t do any such things to someone I love. That’s why this can’t happen.’
Junichi: ‘S-senpai…’
Haruka: ‘…’ [*slightly sobbing*]
Junichi: ‘…’
Haruka: ‘Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why didn’t you come!? WHY!?’
Junichi: ‘T-that’s…’
Haruka: ‘I wouldn’t have minded if you were late… Even if something came up and it had to be call off… But why didn’t you tell me anything?’
Junichi: ‘S-senpai…’
Haruka: ‘Answer me, Tachibana-kun! Explain to me! Persuade me!’
Junichi: ‘…’
Haruka: ‘So you won’t say anything to me.’
Junichi: ‘S-senpai… I…’
Haruka: ‘A~ah… That’s a shame… But I guess it can’t be helped.’
Junichi: ‘About Senpai… I…’
Haruka: ‘I won’t see you anymore. I’m gonna graduate soon anyway. That’s good for both of us, right? Bye bye.’
Junichi: ‘Ah! S-senpai!’
Junichi: ‘(Just what have I done… I’m an idiot. A moron. Senpai… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…)’

*credits roll*
*titled: Morishima Haruka Suki Epilogue BAD*
*Playing the without vocal version of the theme song.*

**Epilogue: titled: ‘I’m gonna be late for the company’s general meeting! The result of the current term is…’

Junichi: ‘(D-damn it! I’m late! I’m the one on projector duty for today’s general meeting, it wouldn’t be a joke for me to be late! Hurry me!)’
{Junichi narrating} ‘It’s been 10 years since me and Senpai went separate ways. I buried myself in studies, trying to force myself to forget about the heart-breaking past, about how I had hurt Senpai. Because of that, I was able to get into a prestigious university, and then a big corporation. I then threw myself into work… but just when I was about to be promoted… Sigh… I didn’t expect that the main office got taken over to avoid being hit by the recession… I’m so unlucky… Seriously… Damn, now’s not the time for my sentimental! I’m seriously gonna be late! Huff-huff… A-anyway… Sprinting at full speed can really tire you out… Lacking exercise… Huff… Well… just look at my belly and you’ll see… Ooh! Just in time that the elevator come! Lucky me!’
Junichi: ‘W-Wait for me!’

**Elevator started**
Junichi: ‘Phew… I’m saved…’
Section Manager: ‘Now who do we have here… Sigh… so I guess you’re running almost late?’
Junichi: ‘Ah! S-section manager… I’m sorry!’
Section Manager: ‘Seriously, get yourself together! You know how this company is now right?’
Junichi: ‘Y-yes, sir…’
Section Manager: ‘Sigh… whatever. Come to my office later.’
Junichi: ‘Y-yes.’
Section Manager: ‘I’m sorry for the commotion caused by my underling, Department Chief Morishima.’
???: ‘So it seems.’
Section Manager: ‘I deeply apologize for my incompetence of managing my men.’
Junichi: ‘(Ah! M-Morishima-senpai!?)’
Haruka: ‘I’ll leave it at that.’
Section Manager: ‘Thank you so much.’
Junichi: ‘(I can’t believe this… we’ve been in the same company.)’
Section Manager: ‘Nevertheless, Department Chief. Your project has become a huge success. The director seat is yours for sure now.’
Haruka: ‘Well that is still up for everyone.’
Junichi: ‘(She recognized me, right? At this distance, there’s no way that she didn’t…)’
Section Manager: ‘No way. Judging from the profits that your project has brought us, there’s really no way that it isn’t yours.’
Junichi: ‘(…senpai)’
Section Manager: ‘It’s been only 1 year since you’ve become the Chief of Development Department, and the result that you brought in is… can’t be describe by anything other than your talents.’
Junichi: ‘(Morishima-senpai is… the Chief of Development Department)’
Haruka: ‘……’
Junichi: ‘(… I can’t believe that senpai now… has such a cold stare…)’
Haruka: ‘Hey, you.’
Junichi: ‘Eh? Ah, yes!?’
Haruka: ‘Your necktie is crooked. Pay more attention.’
Junichi: ‘I-I’m sorry!’
Haruka: ‘Doesn’t seem like you’re blessed with good underling.’
Section Manager: ‘Seriously, look at you…’
Junichi: ‘I-I’m really sorry!’

{Junichi narrating} ‘I can’t believe this… Senpai has become a Department Chief. Moreover, She can make that Section Manager who is usually so arrogant, to be so humble… She has become someone of such significance. And most of all, the cold stare… that Senpai was directing at me… I guess I can’t stay at this company any more… Back then, why did I…’

Translation of the 1st round quiz question:

1>In episode 1 of Morishima Haruka’s arc, the name of the book that Haruka held was?
A> Inu to no Hibi (~~The time spent with dogs)
B> Wandaa Dogu (Wonder dog)

2>In episode 4 of Morishima Haruka’s arc, the pattern of her swimsuit is?
A> Hearts
B> Stars
C> Maple leaves

3>In Tanamachi Kaoru’s arc, the name of the family restaurant that she’s working at is?
A> Gatosu
B> Totosu
C> Mitosu

4>In episode 3 of Tanamachi Kaoru’s arc, the confectionery that Junichi gave to Kaoru is?
A> Super White Powder Chocolates
B> Pure Snow Cookies
C> Cold Blue Chips

5>Which class is Kamizaki Risa in?
A> 2-A
B> 2-B
C> 2-C

Tally up nearly 8000 words… quite a wall of text…

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