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And today mark 1 year anniversary, the day FAD2Raptor is officially formed. As promised, I have some Bungaku Shoujo related uploads for you guys.

1st upload is Bungaku Shoujo to Shini tagari no Pierrot – Drama CD – 1st part – cover up to Chapter 11 of the manga or to 2/3 of Chapter 4 of the Novel.
Listen to this while look back at the earlier chapter give me the urge v2 my 1st few releases, namely chapter 10-12…

The 2nd upload is Bungaku Shoujo Memoir 2 RAW, for those who can’t wait till someone sub it – Include the commentary track with Miu’s VA, Hirano Aya & Elementary school’s Konoha’s VA, Saitou Chiwa.
The other extras in the DVD are an visual commentary features teenage Konoha’s VA, Irino Miyu, and Miu’s VA, Hirano Aya, promotion clips for Bungaku Shoujo the Movie and the No credits OP&ED. Those who want to see that would have to get the full DVD ISO.
The DVD ISO is already available on torrent so all that’s left is for someone to do it.

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Basically an INTJ with interest in language. Insanely easy to get bored and have indifferent attitude to many things.
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  1. aruless says:

    wow a year, omete… whatever xD and thanks for the uploads fad o/

  2. carolchandias says:

    *0* ~ Sugeee~

    Arigatou!!! *3* lovu ya~

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