Amagami – Close to You – Chapter 1

So another release among the Random Projects. This time it’s Amagami. I got the RAW and had been waiting for sometimes to see if there are any group who will pick this up as one of their main project but at the moment, doesn’t seems like anyone’s going to do it so here it is…

More Rihoko, Miya and Ai…

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The mangaka Andou Tomoya has just recovered from injury so there’s no chapter 2 published as of yet.
And the ‘Amagami SS about to air…etc’ in the color page is because this chapter was published on 26th of June, while Amagami SS anime aired on 2nd of July.

In other news, I still haven’t got my hand on the RAW of Bungaku Shoujo ch23 yet so there’s no ETA on that one.

Update: The RAW provider told me that Bungaku Shoujo is still serializing on the latest issue of GanGan Joker. Still no info if Bungaku Shoujo to Ue Kawaku Ghost will be adapt to manga or not.

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11 Responses to Amagami – Close to You – Chapter 1

  1. Darkslayer says:

    Thanks!! more Amagami XD

  2. Az says:

    Whoa, the mangaka is Andou Tomoya? I like his work, but I don’t know he got any ehmm ‘normal’ manga going on :D. Gotta take a look! Thanks!

  3. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for this – more Amagami is a good thing!

  4. mr_ark says:

    thanks for the chapter 😀

  5. Hyaku_Shiki says:

    damn nice! thanks for picking this up guys!

  6. Dex Kazekyuu says:

    Is the translating reliable? I saw something about this translating not being reliable. Did someone do a proper proofreading?

    • FD2Raptor says:

      Could you care to tell me which was/were the ‘unreliable’ part/parts?

      • Dex Kazekyuu says:

        As I said, It’s only a thing I saw in the internet. Don’t know where (I visit so many sites that it’s kind kind of difficult for me to remember).
        I’m trying to see of this information I got is correct or not, but my japanese are too basic to do a fast analisys. I can only analise if the english has the same meaning as the japanese texts have. I can’t really translate from japanese.

        Oh yeah, just to inform. I’m a brazilian scanlator, and my fansub site want to take all the Amagami manga series that is being released. But we are kind of not having japanese translators, so we need to retranslate from english. But as I said, I can’t translate japanese directly. That’s why as since as I saw someone said that the translating of this chapter was not very reliable, I wanted to come here and take out this doubt.

        Just to formalize this:
        Do you give me permission to retanslate your texts of this chapter an further more to portuguese? I beg you to accept, because I preffer to have the permission. If I don’t do the translation having the permission, some other people will not even come here to ask the permission and simply retranslate it.
        I will surely give you the credits for providing the english texts.

  7. FD2Raptor says:

    Well, since I only doing this chapter as part of the Random Project of FAD2Raptor so it’s translate as I edit and only got 1 read through to check English grammar and such so maybe I missed something…

    As for the permission, of course you’re allowed to, I can even give you the PSDs that I did. Since I didn’t erase the JP text – except for those that need to be redrawn over – but cut it into different layer so you can also have a look at it while re-translating the English text.

    • Dex Kazekyuu says:

      thanks for the permission ^_^. I’ve translated the texts and tried to take a look on the japanese. I didn’t find errors or anything on the translation, but on the grammar. Maybe that’s what the person that said “unreliable” was talking about…

      But I’m already used to translate texts with some errors on grammar (but believe me, they were not THAT wrong… and I’m not an errorless english writter, so you are forgiven XD) so it’s ok. About the offer, I decline it because it’s not me who will do the editing, but a person that have more skills on editing than me. I don’t use PhotoShop for my editings, but PhotoScape (a little poorer than PS, but I can do miracles on this program, considering my tool deficiency…

      Thanks again, and I expect you to continue this project when chapter 2 is available ^_^

  8. aruless says:

    wow after a while i come and find a surprise, nice ^-^ thanks for ur time fad

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