Double Bungaku Shoujo 20-21 & Happy birthday to me.

A feat of concentration allowed me finish these 2 chapters in record 4 days. On the 14th of Oct, I just started working on Bungaku Shoujo chapter 20 while waiting for the QC for my other edit for StarryHeaven and then I suddenly remember that only 4 days till my birthday, so Lockdown mode engaged… No emails, No Instant Messages, no nothing… allowed this to happen. Btw, we’ll probably see the end of Pierrot at around chapter 23-24.

Download Links ch20:

Download Links ch21:

I was tempted to put this in the credits but anyway:

– I don’t care how you got access to my release, online readers or from other manga aggregator, but if you like the series that I scanlate, visit my site on that series release day. I’m not demanding you to say thanks to me as I’m quite the professional leecher myself, but your visit on the series release day tell me how much that series is liked. I mean, you can’t really expect me to do the scanlation and then run around all manga anime forum on the internet to see if you like it or not don’t you? More visit on release day = the series is well liked = more motivation -> faster release.

That’s how Yosuga no Sora Vol1 got finished 1 month before it’s anime started, of all series that I do, it got the most visit on release day, I mean even on the day it’s anime premiere, I got as much visitor as a normal release day.

So to sum it up:
Visit on release day if you like the series that I do. Thanks is appreciated but not required.

Addendum: While I don’t think that it’s a problem, but if you happen to feel that some of the text are difficult to read here’s a patch with the afflicted files: MediaFire
Filenames are the same as the one in the released ch21, so if you changed the file name, you’ll have to manually change this one as well.

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17 Responses to Double Bungaku Shoujo 20-21 & Happy birthday to me.

  1. anonymous says:

    Congratulations and cheers! Thanks for the double release!

  2. GhostWriter says:

    *push motivation*
    *leave comment to express appreciation*

  3. anon says:

    I see, well in that case, yes, we love you and your releases. :3

  4. LovelyCherri says:

    Ohhh! how lovely!~ 😀
    Happy Birthday !!! (; . I wish your day is filled with blooming magic!

    & Thank you for your releases. I’ll do my best to visit on release days, since i admire bungaku shoujo.

  5. ddboi says:

    Wah, happy birthday! Have an awesome day with your friends and family, and eat lots and lots of cake^^

    And thank you for scanlating this series, especially in releasing it publicly. I’m actually more willing to say thanks if it’s released like this than in a closed forum lol.

  6. arr says:

    thank you for the release and happy birthday!! wishing you a good year ahead ^^

  7. FJK says:

    Happy birthday!
    I really liked the story, I started to read it last week and went through the first 19 chapters twice in one day.

  8. Chen says:

    Happy BD, and thanks for the release.

  9. aruless says:

    japi birday…… hope u enjoy ur day ^^

  10. joel says:

    thanks for the series.. sorry i just got here, a bit late. How about counting the numbers of downloads from mediafire instead of number of visitors the day it is released?

  11. joel says:

    and oh, happy birthday mate 🙂

  12. FD2Raptor says:

    I’m so happy, thank you, everyone for the warm congratulations. I hope that I can answer your feelings and continue to contribute to scanlation.

    @joel: well, while I’d love to do just that but the number in MF dl is always quite lower than the number of visitor to the site, in fact as of right now the MF dl count is about half of the site visitor count so… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  13. Hey Raptor person thing,

    I like your releases. And a happy Bday ofcourse, the only present I can give you is my thanks for your hard work.

    Thank you.

  14. Az says:

    Thanks a lot for the release and happy birthday!

  15. angelanime says:

    Thanks for the release!

    I have a hard time reading that SMALL italic font you use, can you please change it?

  16. scorpio11 says:

    Thanks for the hard work you put in to these releases! And a very Happy Birthday (belated, sorry!) to you, too!

  17. FD2Raptor says:

    @angelanime: I’ve updated a patch included all those pages that used a different font.

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