Bungaku Shoujo ch19 & etc thoughts…

There are 2 notes about the last report page; the big JP text on that page sums up to “Short Animation DVD – Amano Tooko chapter / “Bungaku Shoujo” Memoir I / Yumemiru Shoujo no Prelude (ie Prelude of the Dreaming Girl) / Pre-sale Report”, I don’t know if ‘pre-sale’ is an actual term or not… but you get the idea…
Other than that, the small text on 2nd panel are too small so the translation for that is a half guess…

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The anime Yosuga no Sora has started… now please excuse my quick thoughts while&after watching the 1st episode:

The immediate 1st impression was the video quality looks great for an upscale.
– @ ~beginning – Why the antenna hair!? I don’t think they were there in the VN and they definitely aren’t there in the manga version so why!?
@03:30: WTH!? Why are they walking in the middle of the road!?
@05:02: LOL – “This is a large supermarket?”(これは大きなスーパー ~ Kore wa ookina supa) – to the sign: “スーパー大木奈 ~ Supa Ookina”.
OMG the @11:50, aruless, had you not told me I wouldn’t notice that!
And the before ending1 was shocking to say the least.
Basically I watch anime not really looking for specifics plot or visual effects or whatever but for the characters only so with only 1 episode out, there’s not really much for me to say other than it set the stage pretty right. Many of the others blog-ing on WordPress express their dislike for YnS based strictly on their dislike of the idea of incest in anime. While I won’t say that they don’t have the right to voice their opinion, it’d be better that they stick to the “This anime isn’t for me.” rather than dissing YnS as bad like they care much for this sub-genre in the first place.

A quick look at the ANN’s previews, yield somewhat similar result,

Let’s see preview-er 1 – Bamboo Dong –
– “set in a small town in the country, where somehow there’s barely even any paved roads, but there’s a massive school filled with cute girls.” since when does anime have to be realistic about it’s settings?
– “These girls are so hard up for men that they’ll cling onto the first male who…” And she doesn’t even notice that Haruka is RETURNING to his grandparents house. So this is in no way “first” as she said. This is explicitly depicted in Nao’s reminiscence in the exact episode that she’s writing the preview for.
– the latter on “his uncle’s/dead grandmother’s/childhood home” further confirm that the writer is just against this anime in the first place and what was written is purely her baseless opinion that fits better in a personal blog not as a informative Preview. There aren’t much when you search for Yosuga no Sora on ANN’s site and the news that YnS gets an anime, which is the 2nd result when search for YnS on ANN, already stated that they move back to their “grandparents” goes to further confirms the writer’s ignorance who has totally turn a blind eye to this anime but still goes to extreme length to write up a bad preview for it.

Preview-er 2 – Gia Manry
– “Sora is too weak for school” – when & where does it says that Sora is too weak for school? If you mean the one when Haruka responded to Kozue then anyone with half a head would know that it’s just an excuse not an factual statement.
– “Each and every girl, aside from Sora herself, is introduced to us (and Haruka) with a shocked and blushing face and the same stupid piano chords, so you can’t tell which ones are important” and how are you suppose to react when you suddenly met someone you haven’t seen for at least 7 to 8 years? with maybe Kozue as the only exception? And do you really need a shocking revelation music accompany each character to know how important they are!?
– “half of them have similar hair” this preview-er obviously have beads for eyes. As someone who got as close as 400-600% zoom with most character during the manga editing process & selection to vector process, they aren’t similar. The only one that you can somewhat say that they’re close enough are between Nao and Akira; 2 characters doesn’t make half of them. What was concluded for this preview-er is that he/she watch this episode with both eye closed due to hate/scared of the incest theme shown in the episode. inb4 the anime looks different than the manga, they looks about the same to me with some minor etc different feel when it’s animated.

The preview of Carl Kimlinger & Theron Martin was more agreed-able.

Theron Martin:
– “If incest bothers you, stay well away.” – QFT. It doesn’t take much of an effort to know that this series does contain incest and if you don’t like it stay away, similar to how I don’t like mecha & gigantic robots genre anymore, that would equal to Gundam or whatever other mecha series can have 10 more movies and I still wouldn’t care about it enough to say anything about it.
– “The tone of the series is hard to figure out from this episode.” & “Exactly how this will all balance out in the long run is anyone’s guess at this point.”

Carl Kimlinger:
– “and for reasons that remain unclear cannot bring herself(Sora) to attend school” and that’s how big previewer 2 fail.

While many of them recommend “Koi Kaze”, I had read the manga version sometimes ago and none of the character cast spike any interest in me at all, so unless they are especially different in the anime I don’t think that I’ll ever consider looking for it.

Now back to what opinion I have from only the 1st episode. While a few of the fan service scene could to be too extra (ie. the one where Nao’s in the bathtub), none of them seems to drag on and overstay their welcomeness so I don’t think of them like they’re annoying or in my face at all as in fact if aruless didn’t tell me I wouldn’t notice the one at 11:50. The voice actor sound right and fits well with their character although I won’t say that there are outstanding one that totally grab my attentions.

As of right now, I like the VN’s opening “Michi no Saki, Sora no Mukou” better than the anime’s “Hiyoku no Hane” but only time will knows if Hiyoku no Hane will sticks with me latter on or not; I prefer the 2nd ending to the 1st. And that’s about it right now since I don’t like to give a premature opinion about how the character is because not much has been given yet in the 1st episode.With 2-3 days till more is shown, thanks for reading.


PS. in an etc note, the librarian shown in episode 14 of Amagami SS is voiced by Hanazawa Kana who voiced Amano Tooko in “Bungaku Shoujo” The Movie and you can see how that librarian obviously resemble Tooko-senpai.

PPS. While googl-ing around on Bungaku Shoujo, I stumble back on the blog of the guy who did the scanlation for it before I took over and see this:
“Verdy said…
A little late but here’s a reply.

I do not redraw because I do not was to interfer with the original work. I do copy and paste tones though.
I do not want to change anything about the original translation that I used. Everything read in the scanlation was directly from the translation provided.

The chapter was in progress and just about finished before FAD2Raptor group was released and honestly I don’t give a damn.
August 30, 2010 3:21 PM”

as the reply to a comment someone made on “November 20, 2009 12:38 AM”; well, apparently someone think ~ 9+ months is still only “a little late” reply…

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5 Responses to Bungaku Shoujo ch19 & etc thoughts…

  1. aruless says:

    about the minors changes, if i recall there is a law in japan that demands that the anime has to be a little diferent from the manga, correct me if im wrong but i think thats why…

    about the 1150 that was so freaking awesome… sora is just so cute and hers moans are…….. 🐱

    i rly dont read ann or adb, so i dont feel bother by their comments, the only think that can bother me, is the mangaka itself xD

    i hope this a (t)wincest manga/anime and not a sad rape”cest”(father/uncle/anyone), btw the ending theme was LOL

  2. aruless says:

    btw thanks for bungaku o/

  3. someone says:

    I don’t know if you’re aware of this but there is another Bungaku Shoujo manga being serialized in Asuka magazine.


    It would be nice, if you would also scanlate it.


  4. FD2Raptor says:

    You know, I just replied to another guy about these other Bungaku Shoujo manga that are being serialize by Kadokawa Shoten, but after some research, these 2 manga turn out to have nothing relate to the Bungaku shoujo light novel at all. It’s not even the manga version of the side stories on Vol9-10 of the Novel.

    It’s completely individual stories that was put together to make the tank. That’s all it is. In similar to how while the Amagami dating game have 2 current official serializations right now of Love Goes On, Sincerely Yours and a completed serialization of Precious Diary, all 3 listed Enterbrain which is the Developer and Publisher of the game as the author for the series, there’s another one called Amagami – Various Artist, which has accumulated enough stories to fill 3 tanks, where they’re just random separate stories put together which you can understand as something akin to a tankoubon full of dj.

    While MangaUpdates listed Hiyoshimaru Akira as the artist, the Kadokawa website listed Akira as the author of this manga with Nomura Mizuki listed as the author of the original work confirm that these stories have nothing to do with the main series.
    And that therefore, immensely reduce my interest in it.

    Update: Bungaku Shoujo’s official site stated that scenario writer for these 2 series is Matsuda Miya, Illustration by Hiyoshimaru Akira, Character Design by Takeoka Miho and Original Work by Nomura Mizuki.

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