Bungaku Shoujo ch18 & Launching the PSD section

Sorry for the long wait.

So my old HDD finally give out. Last counter said that it has given me ~12500 hours of service. Stored the OS, RAW & the PSDs etc.
That took 2 days of work to get the new one up and running from the backup.

Also, I started the PSD section where you can get the PSD files of releases by FAD2Raptor for either re-scanlating into other languages or learning to edit manga.

And now the Download Links:


In other news, Yosuga no Sora the anime will be subbed by UTW&Ryuumaru. You can’t get more quality+speed than that. YnS will air approximately 1 week from now.

The ominous sign of having the exact same time slot of shows like Kiss x Sis & Chuu-bra aside, I hope for that it won’t get the CR treatment…

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Basically an INTJ with interest in language. Insanely easy to get bored and have indifferent attitude to many things.
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4 Responses to Bungaku Shoujo ch18 & Launching the PSD section

  1. Izumi says:

    Thanks a lot for this chapter. Ah, I’m looking forward to watch Yosuga no Sora. It kinda reminds me of ef melodies and ef memories (whichever comes first) lol, and true tears. Hope it’s going to be good.

  2. aruless says:

    thanksssss and yea the guys from utw make a great job subbing.

  3. x4gottenx says:

    thank you for the chapter

  4. aruless says:

    even when this have nothing to do with the notice, i feel like i can only talk about sora here, with u fad and the ppl who came to ur web, man the 1st chap was good… and hawt, that scene in the min 11:50 was OMFG :3 i rly want to know what ru thougfhs about the chap, hope u can make a post only for that ^^

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