Status Update…

So finally, I got a new monitor, a 20″ Samsung A350, finally joining the 16:9 ratio screen res…

And my 1st impression about it is… the color/brightness/contrast feel off…

So it’ll probably take me a day or two adjusting those settings & the PTS workspace to the new ratio/screen res, then I’ll get back to finalize Bungaku Shoujo & continue with ef.

Now, as for the 2nd arc of Bungaku Shoujo manga… unfortunately, I can’t commit to do it.
It’s estimated to take another 2 years + additional time for the RAW to show up (if you had noticed, ch23 of Pierrot was published way back in 22nd of Oct, 2010. And it takes nearly a year after that for the RAW to show up.) So it’s impossible for me to make that kind of commitment to it.

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The last of Amagami Quiz

Take the quiz here to get the 2 wallpapers of Ayatsuji Tsukasa & Sakurai Rihoko.

1. In episode 2 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc,
– What type of stuffed animal were there above Tsukasa’s bed?
a. Blue elephant
b. Pink bunny
c. Black cat

2. In episode 3 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc,
– The names of the 3 girls who were attacking Tsukasa are ‘Yayoi’, ‘Yuuko’ and?
a. Misora
b. Misa
c. Miyuki

3. In episode 2 of the Sakurai Rihoko’s arc,
– The color of the gloves that Rihoko gave Junichi is?
a. Black
b. White
c. Blue

4. In Sakurai Rihoko’s arc,
– The hanging scroll in the Tea Ceremony Club wrote?
**All 3 answers have similar general meanings of ‘perseverance through hardship’; correct answer is A**

5. In Kamizaki Risa’s arc,
– The dialect that Kamizaki Risa used when she was about to part with Junichi was?
a. Touhoku-ben
b. Kansai-ben
c. Okinawa-ben (*)

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Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot ch23 – [v0]

After ~8 years of service, my monitor is crapping out. It’s currently showing colors incorrectly. While the image editing part couldn’t be completely done, but it’s been ~1 year since ch22 was released so this is the not final version, dust-cleaned version of this chapter and final version of all released chapters by FAD2Raptor will be available at a latter date when my monitor issue is resolved.

Download links:
SkyDrive Folder link

Unrelated news update, Amagami SS+ plus (Season 2) is scheduled to air in Jan 2012 on TBS & BS-TBS stations, with each heroines have 2 episodes dedicate to them with original elements that will show the events following what happened in Amagami SS (Season 1).

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It’s 8th of Oct.

Otherwise known as Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s birthday.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time to watch any other heroines’ route yet… so I got nothing to write about…

As for Bungaku Shoujo, ch23 is basically done. The remaining tasks are to standardize the styling fonts etc between all released chapters, so the closing day is gonna be very soon.

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The 2nd round of Amagami Ouen Quiz

And, I got it half right… the 2nd round didn’t wait till the 1st round is over, but opened on 30th of September, features 2 questions for Sae Arc, 2 questions for Ai Arc and 1 about Miya episode. For a Sae & Ai wallpaper available at 1600, 1280, 1024.

This round of quiz will run from 30th of September (Fri) till 11th of November (Fri).
Both rounds of quiz will end on 11th of Nov, and you know what, 11th of Nov 2010 was the day Amagami SS episode 19 (aka. Rihoko Arc, episode 3) aired, so what are they trying to tell us here?

Do the quiz here.

1 – In episode 1 of Nakata Sae Arc, the breads that Kaoru & Masayoshi asked Junichi to buy are? [this is despite that in the Anime, Kaoru&Masayoshi’s request is in Haruka’s arc, Sae’s arc is Masayoshi only…]
A. Cutlet-sandwich, croquette bread and Chinese noodle sandwich.
B. Yakisoba bread, curry bread and Chinese noodle sandwich.
C. Melon bread, An-pan and Chinese noodle sandwich.

2 – In episode 4 of Nakata Sae Arc, the parfait that Sae & Junichi had chosen is?
A. Special Banana Parfait.
B. Special Pudding Parfait.
C. Special Strawberry Parfait.

3 – In episode 1 of Nanasaki Ai Arc, the name of the supermarket that Junichi and Ai went to is? [the name went by really fast and is of little importance so UTW’s release didn’t TS this sign, so zannen~.]
A. Etsumaru.
B. Inariya.*
C. Akafuda.

4 – In episode 2 of Nanasaki Ai Arc, how many members of the Swimming club gathered around Junichi when he went to the pool? (exclude Ai & Hibiki)
A. 4 members.
B. 5 members.
C. 6 members.

5 – In Miya’s episode, when Miya, Sae and Ai were having a conversation in front of the vending machine, what was Miya drinking?
A. Fruits milk.
B. Milk.
C. Strawberry milk.

And for the sake of randomness… the Google translate version.

Bungaku Shoujo update: Re-check process for all prev chapters is done and I am working on final chapter.

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It’s 22nd of Sep.

Or as many Amagami fans have known, it’s Morishima Haruka’s Birthday.
Well, to be honest, I didn’t know either until yesterday, when I saw the twit on twitter of the official supporting Amagami account…

So a portion is from the old post regarding Amagami, and a pretty big portion is additionally TLed just yesterday, so some parts may not read so well…
Anyway, wall of text coming after the link.


For Amagami SS season 2, my wild guess is that they measured the support for the heroines in the 1st season, and then they’ll use those data to see who would get the focus in the 2nd season, 8 episodes per arc, with 2 heroines going against each others. I mean, the 1st season always has the heroine and Junichi story in their arc, except for a small scene in an episode of Haruka’s arc which has the say-it-all title “Jealousy”. But in-game there are many ‘Namida events’ (Teary events) where basically the heroine caught you (Junichi) being ‘friendly’ with the other girls. I believe in game, you got 1 chance, the 2nd time will bad-end you [back to title] kind. Maybe just last season’s Rihoko isn’t enough, we may even get to see the Suki-bad ending of some heroines this time around.

On a random note, there’s an Amagami Quiz (in Japanese) at:
5 questions, 2 about Haruka, 2 about Kaoru and 1 regarding Risa, to get to the 2 wallpapers of Haruka & Kaoru in 1024,1280,1600. If you want them, here.
The 1st round quiz run from 9th of Sep(Fri) till 11th of Nov(Fri), 10 weeks period (remember that Amagami SS used to air on Friday, 4 episodes per char + 1x Risa’s episode) -> I’m guessing that 2nd round will feature quiz questions regarding Sae & Ai & ‘a wildcard’ and the quiz things will finish sometime around 9th of March 2012, at around that time we’ll get the announcement that Amagami SS Season 2 will start in summer 2012 season just as S1 did in 2010 and the 2nd season of Amagami SS will be a marathon toward the Christmas of 2012, just as S1 did.

Wanna tackle the quiz but don’t know Japanese? The TL for the questions is at the end of this post.

****************SPOILER WARNING****************
****************SPOILER WARNING****************
Proceed at your own risk. Continue reading

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ef – Vol7 – ch39 – “Memory”

And here is chapter 39 of ef a fairytale of the two.

Regarding, Bungaku Shoujo, well… that’ll probably take a while longer….
Unlike the “Closing up on YnS” where there aren’t that many re-redraw, or “closing on Mizuho Ambivalent” which doesn’t include any re-check-up, the re-check of Bungaku Shoujo include lots of re-redraw…
And since much more time is spent re-redrawing compare to other aspect of the re-check-up so it felt like I was doing one redraw after another, and that’s really demoralizing so its progress is gonna be slow…

Download Links:
Skydrive Folder

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