NOTICE – IM@S relations – DROPPED

So basically, I’m dropping “Idolmaster – relations”, and will be picking up Fukigen Cinderella in its place.
I know that Pinoy has released ch01 with Prozess TL, but that won’t affect my decision on picking it up.

And it’ll come with my usual mantra of ‘better in both TL & Image quality’.

In fact, ch01 is basically done for 2 days already, but after having to look through many pages of Bungaku Shoujo to finish the dust check, I’m not in the mood to get get back on manually wiping out the dust (which is incredibly prevalent on the RAW of this series; Pinoy’s cleaner decide to use de-noiser to automate the process but at the cost of img quality) right now, so may be I’ll get to finish chapter 2 sometime soon and release them both at once.

And there’ll be no “casuality” this time.

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