Closing on Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot

-First up, WordPress, for a short period of time, was filtering all Megaupload and Mediafire links, so in the event that they happen to do that again, use the SkyDrive folder link. If they decide to go through with that, I may look to url shortener for MF/MU links for new releases, but I won’t update the links in older posts. The SkyDrive links are suppose to be long-term-archiving links, since I don’t think MS has an “inactive-files-get-deleted” policy for SD; while MF should be the link that most ppl use and MU as the other more stable mirror.-

Now on to Bungaku Shoujo,
– You may have noticed this before, but in middle of Pierrot ch04 & the beginning of Pierrot ch05, the translation was done as if it was Shuuji who was doing the narrating, but the narrator could just as easily be Chia instead of Shuuji. This vagueness is reinforced with the bare & genderless drawing of the narrator character in those sequences.

For ch23, other than the dust have now been cleaned, there are 4 changes in the dialogue to fix typos and ellipsis, etc…
But lots of changes for all the other chapters, ranging from just simply change from PNG 24bit -> PNG 32 colors; to some of the old messier re-draw get re-drawn to look better; to TL fixes and style standardization.

One thing I had noticed with the event that caused me to change my monitor, is that the texts that read just fine on my old 1280×1024 17″ CRT might turn out to be quite difficult to read on the 1600×900 20″ LCD, so the fonts have now been standardize, so that it should be easier to read now.

While I’d like to write up something interesting for the closing, but the time spent working on this series has dragged on for way longer than originally expected. Since my head is blank right now, I’ll present to you some vector that I did about a year ago in preparation for the then ‘upcoming ending of the series’. Links to Bungaku Shoujo Folder below the images.

Download Links:
SkyDrive Folder Link.
MediaFire Folder Link.

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    Thanks for all your work on this series!

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