The last of Amagami Quiz

Take the quiz here to get the 2 wallpapers of Ayatsuji Tsukasa & Sakurai Rihoko.

1. In episode 2 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc,
– What type of stuffed animal were there above Tsukasa’s bed?
a. Blue elephant
b. Pink bunny
c. Black cat

2. In episode 3 of the Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc,
– The names of the 3 girls who were attacking Tsukasa are ‘Yayoi’, ‘Yuuko’ and?
a. Misora
b. Misa
c. Miyuki

3. In episode 2 of the Sakurai Rihoko’s arc,
– The color of the gloves that Rihoko gave Junichi is?
a. Black
b. White
c. Blue

4. In Sakurai Rihoko’s arc,
– The hanging scroll in the Tea Ceremony Club wrote?
**All 3 answers have similar general meanings of ‘perseverance through hardship’; correct answer is A**

5. In Kamizaki Risa’s arc,
– The dialect that Kamizaki Risa used when she was about to part with Junichi was?
a. Touhoku-ben
b. Kansai-ben
c. Okinawa-ben (*)

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