Quick update

My video card has gone on strike so I’m posting this from “Safe Mode with Network”.

There won’t be any release for the time being until the issue is resolved.

Until just before this happened, I have 1 post regarding Amagami Dreamy Forever, 1 post regarding the bad state of its 1st chapter release by Xscans & Japanzai(I’ve only got up to page 19 and there are already 14 major mistranslations along with a bunch of less severe mistakes.), and chapter 38 of ef at near release-ready state.

And yeah, if you’re a fan of Kiss x Sis, bad thing happened at the wrong time, so I haven’t started on TL it at all, which means this month Kiss x Sis ch52 will be quite delayed.

Finally, since I’m not sure how long this will take so I’ll just say it now, Amagami SS now got a 2nd season. Maybe it’s just the very 1st announcement but since they didn’t remove the SS (which most assume that it stands for “Short Stories”), so I take it that the 2nd season will be in a similar format to the 1st season. But who knows, it’s too early to cross off the chance that they’ll remove the SS from the 2nd season’s official title in a subsequent update.

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2 Responses to Quick update

  1. So, are You going to pick Amagami Dreamy Forever as project? I don’t really want to read a serie that have so much mistakes in the translations, as you’re saying…

    • FD2Raptor says:

      Unfortunately, this series can only be describe as Amagami Super-Super-Super-Short-Stories, with 4 chapters per heroine, and a dud for it’s climax (that’s my personal feeling about it.), and zero interesting moment about the characters sans for a very short lead up to the climax in ch03. If ch04 had follow through with all that promised in ch03, I’d have pick it up… but no… it delivered nothing but disappointment.
      Having seen all videos of Haruka’s event in game, to me, this series, at least this Haruka arc of it, is a complete waste of time.

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