Amagami VA – Vol4 – If sono 2…

Short chapter.

Anyway, I’m working on final chapter of Yosuga no Sora; with it being a Primary Project from the start, I’ll do a complete re-check from ch1 till ch14 kind of like ‘end of show batch torrent’ type. If you notice any problems, grammar, translation errors, tell me either through comments on this blog or e-mail me at FAD2Raptor(at)live(dot)com; you’ll have about 1 week from when chapter 14 is released to do that.

Update: Dullrath informed me of the missing page. All Download links are updated.
This is the missing page for those who don’t want to re-download.

Download links
SkyDrive – Amagami VA’s Folder

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4 Responses to Amagami VA – Vol4 – If sono 2…

  1. aruless says:

    ty fad, waiting for the batch of yosura ^^

  2. Azrin says:

    Yay~ More Hibiki!
    Thanks for the release!

  3. Dullrath says:

    Thanks for the release, I did notice that the first page is missing however.

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