Yosuga no Sora chapter 13

Only the final chapter remains.

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@Arkal: The plan after I finished YnS, is to continue ef a fairytale of the two. But probably for a short while afterward, I’d be focusing on finishing up the current project list, both Mizuho Ambivalent and Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot, are 1 chapter from end; and I’d like to wrap up current Amagami VA’s chapters.

Sorry to Bungaku Shoujo fans, unfortunately I won’t be able to continue scanlate Bungaku Shoujo Ghost, since looking at Pierrot, the 2nd arc will likely to continue running for about 2 years, and that’s just too much commitment for me to make right now.

Not all bad news though, I’m looking at Amagami – dreamy forever as a possible pick up; since it’s Miya, and only ~30 pages every 2 months.

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  1. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. aruless says:

    thanks fad

  3. Arkal says:

    Thankz for the releazez ^^
    Oh, by the way, what will you be doing as primary project after YnS ends?

  4. CnD says:

    Thanks a lot =)

  5. aruless says:

    well dont feel bad fad, im gratefull cause thanks to u i can read bungaku and sora so dont worry.

    ps man why menma why ;_; ano hana is an amazing anime xD

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