Damn the newbies and their ego…

Last time when I pointed out errors in Night Constellation release of Hanasaku Iroha, a ‘fan’ called me an “arrogant jackass who thinks he’s all that”; and that he’ll “support your(Night Constellation) releases”.
Well, if he actually have some brain in his skull, then by now he has to accept that NC’s HanaIro releases have plenty of issues.

Anyway, with this; and DKThias&pewpew tried to take over my Primary Project, Yosuga no Sora (I know how did you guys arrive at your title translation now, machine guesslator.); and Badassss whatshisname tried to capitalize on KissxSis with public RAW, guesslation and only one HotFile link…; And a new guy who took over a project from StarryHeaven; the result is, I now have some bones to pick with arrogant kids…

And the unfortunate one that got on my radar is… EPIC WORKS’s Seitokai no Ichizon Chapter 08.
Why? Because he calls himself ‘genius’, his work ‘incontrovertible’ and that I’m ‘malice’ & ‘ignorance’.
He proclaimed that he’s ‘the one loved by all’, ‘the most sounded mind you could ever meet’; and that he has ‘translate it all nearly correct’, and he has got ‘at least JLPT N2 level knowledge’. (At the same time, he said that TL could take more time than editing…)
When someone dare to brag about himself that much, you’d at least think that he has something to back him up. So how did he fare? Let’s find out.

The backround of how did it comes to this? Here. It’s all there except for my last post which has been deleted; the post was right before Noutathewolf’s post, where I had given AbhiEpicWorks, the guy behind EPIC WORKS, the chance to explain how did he arrive at his pathetic translation.

You’re asking why didn’t I use my FD2Raptor nick but an undercover account? That’s a habit from being a moderator in Online FPS; them cheaters always try to hide when mod/admin arrives.

Explanation where deemed necessary, I’m not running JPese classes here.

And what do you know, right of the bat,

Page 1:
The title: 力を伴わない正義は真の正義とは呼べないのよ!
Romaji: Chikara o Tomowanai Seigi wa Shin no Seigi to wa Yobenai no yo!
His translation: The Justice that doesn’t accompain power, is not called the justice, in reality.

Let’s ignore the ‘accompain’ that can be attribute to mistype, and hope that he doesn’t think that ‘accompany’ is an adjective….
呼べない (Yobenai) – is the negative of potential form of the verb 呼ぶ(Yobu) (no possibility of calling sth sth)
真の正義 (Shin no Seigi) – Shin (noun, truth/reality/genuineness), Seigi (noun, justice/righteousness), are connected by particle no (resulted in translation of “True Justice”)
My translation: You can’t call the justice that doesn’t have the might to back it up, true justice, you know!

5th panel
Origin:あぁついに溜まってしまった。。。 / もうそんな時期なのね。。。 / 見たくねーな。。。
Romaji:Aa tsuini Tamatte shimatta… / mou sonna Jiki nano ne… / Mitakune- na…
His translation:Ah! Finally, we have finished collecting it! / Already this much in such a short time…? / I don’t want to see them…
Mine: Aaah… they’ve piled up already… / It’s already that time of the year… / I wanna close my eyes to them…

6th panel
Origin:珍しく乗り気じゃないですね会長はこういう頼られるの好きだと思ってました / まともならね。
Romaji:Mezurashiku Noriki ja nai desu ne Kaichou wa kou iu Tayorareru no Suki da to Omottemashita / matomo nara ne
His translation: President, I did think that they like to be relied on us. / That’s normal for them… right?
Mine: Why the indifferent attitude? I thought that Pres likes being relied on like this? / That is if they were honest requests…

He removed the whole ‘Mezurashiku Noriki ja nai desu ne.’ out of the translation.
He doesn’t get that the ‘no’ before ‘Suki’ nominalize the phrase right before it.
He doesn’t get that ‘nara’ set up a conditional ‘if’ kind of sentence.
And WTF does ‘they like to be relied on us’ means!?
English grammar-wise it’s either ‘they like to be relied on’ or the crappy ‘they like to be relied on by us’. Either way, both of them fail hard, Japanese translation-wise.

Page 2
1st and 2nd panel
Origin:なるほど。。。 / こういう事ですか。。。 // 私達が乗り気になれない理由判った? / 確かにこれはまともじゃないですね
Romaji:Naruhodo… / Kou iu Koto desu ka… // Watashitachi ga Noriki ni narenai Riyuu Wakatta? / Tashika ni kore wa matomo janai desu ne.
His translation:Indeed…! / Is it like this…? // The reason that we feel defensive, did you understand it? / Certainly! That is normal, isn’t it?
Mine:I see… / So they’re these kind of requests… / Do you now understand why we can’t muster up any enthusiasm for this? / They’re certainly quite pretentious.

3rd panel,
Romaji:Muga no *chi ni Itaritai kara Buhi o Fuyase ya Seitokai.
His translation:We selfless **** want to come on the ground, so increase our club budget, Student Council!

Okay, the Muga no *chi is a Prince of Tennis reference, Muga no Kyouchi. The translation for this should be: “We want to attain Muga no *chi, so increase our club budget, Student Council!” with a TL note about the reference.
He didn’t understand that so he randomly picked out Muga (selfless) & Chi (earth/ ground) and started guesslating.
Following that, in the next sentence, basically Chizuru was saying that she doesn’t believe that members of the boys tennis club can master either of the 3 techniques that featured in Prince of Tennis with money; of course with 1 kanji in each of the technique name censored with a black circle (●). And the guy just went ahead and guesslated with whatever kanji that was available to him.

4th panel,
Romaji:kou yatte Miteru to Fumajimena no bakarina Kigashimasu ne.
His translation:Looking at it like this, it seems that they just have an insincere hunch.
Mine:From my point of view, it feels that they’re just too frivolous.

Page 03, 2nd panel,
Romaji:Katte ni shinasai yo-
His translation:Do not do as you please…!
Mine:Then just do it…!

To translate “Shinasai” to “do not do” … What a “genius” this guy is… *facepalm*

3rd panel, I don’t have the slightest idea about basketball, so my usage of its term might be off,
Romaji:cho AKA-chan TAPUTAPUsuru Aite to Basho o Machigaeteru wa
His translation:Wait a minute, Aka-chan! You’re mistaking me for that flabber and place!
Mine:Wait, Aka-chan, you’re mistaking both what to do tap drill with and where to do it.

He doesn’t understand what particle ‘o’ means.

Page 04
3rd panel
Romaji:Nendo Hajime ni Ketteishita Toki wa Kakubutomo Nattokushite Kudasatta hazu desu noni…
His translation:We should have decided about it at the beginning of the fiscal year with the consent of every club…
Mine:This is despite the fact that all the clubs have agreed on it when we tabled the issue at the beginning of the school year…

Does this guy even understand what “fiscal year” means? Did he just pick the 1st entry out of his dictionary or sth?

Page 05
Origin:「彼女を甲●園に連れて行く / だから金下さい」野球部
Romaji:“Kanojo o Kou***en ni TsureteIku / dakara Kane Kudasai” YakyuuBu
His translation:“I’ll take my girlfriend to a first class *** park, / so give me some money” Baseball club.
Mine:“I’m going to take my girlfriend to Kou***en, / so please give me some money.” Baseball club.

Anyone who have watched this season ‘Moshidora’ can connect the dot between baseball and KouSHIen…
With Kou(1st class) & en (park); you now understand why he arrived at his guesslation.
Along with that, the moron doesn’t even get what he should have translated the ‘te +iku’ as.

Not to mention the Chidzuru versus Chizuru romanizing.
His づ and ず “is translated as dzu and zu” comment is so *orz* …
That makes about as much sense as each letter ‘a’, ‘b’ or ‘c’ in your name must be translated into another language if that language doesn’t use the Latin alphabet.

And the guy have the gut to call me ‘shameless’ & ‘nitpick’.
Let me look up the meaning of the word for you:
Shameless – Feeling no shame.
Shame – A painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt.
Nitpick – Criticize minor details.
So am I the shameless one? Can his mistakes be called minor details?
I believe that by now, you readers have arrived at the conclusion yourself.

And this is only me scratching the surface…
With the WordPress’s word count exceeding 1500 words, I’ll be stopping here.
Seitokai no Ichizon or gag manga in general, is on a whole different scale of difficulty in translating, since it requires a good level of understanding in both the language itself and lots of other manga/anime/VN series and at times even the Japanese shops, brands & culture too, since you’re almost certain that there will be lines that refer to them…
There might be some other mistakes that slipped by my attention in my quick look at this release; but even with me only checking the first few pages, it has been made clear that this guy understanding of Japanese is no where near the the level that he can translate this series.

The current status is that as of this moment, he has banned my undercover account, after I told him to appologize and promise a v2 of the release.

It is in my belief that sooner or later everyone will make mistake at least once, the important part is how do they deal with it. Will they put a cover on it and pretend that it isn’t there, OR will they come out and accept the truth.

My recommendation to you is that if you ACTUALLY want to enjoy the manga version of this series, then wait for a more serious scanlator.

And NOT SUPPORT the kind of scanlator like him who look down on you readers by default.

Edit: I just remembered this when I hit publish.
“GWAHAHAHA, with an undercover account, he was led into thinking that the guy he was talking to doesn’t understand any Japanese, this is “just as keikaku”.”

Random question time, can anyone guess what do the following sentences mean?

“A person who doesn’t have anything to say himself, and a person who has lost all his shame and his own self, is obviously a selfless person, who take even a single step from other’s help!
And, this kind of low class creep even thought about daring to say anything to the one loved by all is itself a Great JOKE!”

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4 Responses to Damn the newbies and their ego…

  1. Dex says:

    I’m kind of lazy on reading all the post XDD
    but I agree with you. those “guesslators” are really a bad thing for us, the real scanlators. I’m a Brazilian translator, and since I have JLPT N5, It’s not possible for me to translate directly from Japanese, but I can comprehend what is being said in the raws, and compare to the English translations. Because of that, my translation are more accurate to the original, than some of the English translations. After revising from Japanese, I translate to Portuguese.
    Well, have a good time translating your projects and avoiding those ‘guesslators’.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    Its cracking me up but damn its tooo longggggg
    also i dont think you should be too mad at them if they take other works because other group are taking their work too.

  3. FD2Raptor says:

    My feelings are kind of like a sophomore looking at the freshmen, worrying for the future of the club that our senpais have built…

    @Times Ticking:
    Well, I had never pointed out more than 2 errors; I did not in the Yosuga no Sora case, not in the Kiss x Sis case, and not in the Hanasaku Iroha case; just 2 irrefutable errors.
    But this guy is just too over-the-top that I decided to give him an equally appropriate treatment.

    In YnS case, they quietly stopped working on it; in Kiss x Sis case, they closed down their blog; and doesn’t seem like NC will release any HanaIro soon; so I’m kinda looking forward to how will this guy respond.

  4. Hogart says:

    Thanks for this.. It’s always nice to know that the ass I’m putting into learning the grammar isn’t wasted and that at least I’m not some arrogant guy proud of his rush-jobs. Makes the frustration of learning broken, conversational, dialectic Japanese seem almost worth it 🙂

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