StarryHeaven’s event coming up, all FAD2Raptor’s Project delayed.

Slight update, 22-May
Shini-tan released their version of Hanasaku Iroha chapter 1
And it’s sort of weird me out for a sec for the similarity between their version and mine…
I mean the similarity is down to the degree that both his and mine used same image as the credit page; except I only resized it down to 1600px height… (you can get the full size version here)
And compare to my ver, there isn’t much differences other than mine didn’t aggressively westernize (Ryokan, Okami, Nakai-san, Ita-chou, Ita-mae was left intact in my ver), a limited few wording differences and the typeset…
So, if you’d like to actually enjoy the manga, my recommendation right now is to wait and get Shini-tan version.

With this, I’d probably never release my version or continue working on Hanasaku Iroha. It’s just a waste of effort to continue doing this series while other group has done a pretty good job at it.

Anyway, I’m almost done with the chapter for SH’s big event, so should be coming back to FAD2Raptor’s project soon.

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  1. aruless says:

    oh another group pick iroha, gonna read that version l8r, anyway thanks for u work man, hope u can enjoy the manchester vs barcelona >_>…. ima gonna enjoy it gogogo man u 😡

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