Quick update,

I’ll be gone for the next 2 days or so, during that time I won’t be answering any comments or email,

Update 06-May-11
I just got back yesterday. The 2 days trip suddenly became 5 days visiting the relatives on my father side out in the countryside, then it got extended for a death anniversary in 1st of May and then the “1st of May anniversary” actually meant the “1st of May” in Lunar calendar which prolong the trip way longer than I had originally anticipated…
During the trip, I was forced to came along to a ‘temple’ to listen to a ‘monk’ or ‘shaman’ or ‘whatever-he-is-that-I-don’t-care-what-he’s-called-in-English’ talked about a bunch of crap that is so generic that it could fit anyone + bunch of completely unverifiable claim about the underworld & how “you have dead souls weighting on you;” if you don’t ‘relieve them’ they will continue to haunt your child and even your grandchildren; kind of bullsh** that I had a hard time keeping myself from boiling over.


Yosuga no Sora ch11 will be release shortly.
Hanasaku Iroha ch01 release will be delayed a bit so that Night Constellation can re-check their releases of this series.


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4 Responses to Quick update,

  1. aruless says:

    ok, im gonna have the dinner ready when ur back :*

    ps joking šŸ˜›

  2. rikka-chan says:

    Nice, waiting the last 2 chapter of YnS. Thanks for the hard work.

  3. Yumikana says:

    Don’t want to sound hasty or anything, but wtf it has been more then a week what is going on?????????????????????????

  4. theunamusedlemer says:

    >.> You know you shouldn’t be a jackass and call out the other group like that. That was kinda uncalled for. They do a decent job even if they didn’t piece together a spread page.

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