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Well, I called last Christmas mass release of 4 volumes of ‘ef – a fairytale of the two’ the release that can be measured in Richter scale, but with what happened in Japan, it’s not funny to say anything that have to do with the scale that is used to measure earthquake now.

I won’t say anything more about the earthquake because by now, either your local news source and other scanlator & fansuber have probably mentioned the majority of the official relief effort. Even if I try to uncover some more, they might very well be just a repetition of what others have already mentioned or a scam.

Anyway, this mass release wasn’t because any special date or anniversary, it’s just that I’ve lost access to any website outside my own country for a while so I couldn’t login to WordPress or any of the file hosting…

In Yosuga no Sora chapter 8, we have the 1st drama piece.

Download Links: Here.

Amagami VA -Vol5- Itazura Hokenshitsu
As for this chapter of Amagami VA, what’s in my head while doing this chapter is that, this is the non-H version of exhibition play, ie. the ‘you got excited while your friend was watching don’t you.’ thing. Well, life doesn’t play out like in Hentai or an eroge, so Tachibana-san has to face the consequence, but thing really doesn’t end that badly for him anyway.

The usual Amagami credits page changed for this release to a picture drawn fairly recently by the author, and it suggest what would probably have happened if this was a H-doujin instead.
Tokita Arumi's Ai in the school's infirmary.

*Update: seems like Kibitou4life finished this chapter few days ago.*
*Update 2: Okay, if any guys from Kibitou4life is reading this, the author name is “Tokita Arumi” not “Alumi Houta”. Respect the author by get their name right. This is, to my knowledge, the 2nd time you guys have made this kind of mistake.*

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And the 3rd chapter of Idolmaster relations, wrap up the re-do for this series.

The IDOLM@STER – relations ch03

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  1. Mr. Anderson says:

    i hope you’ll scan the rest of “ef” soon

  2. Dex says:

    thanks for amagami!

    May I indicate some chapters to be translated?
    The cases on volume 3 of Various Artists, that the wind makes the skirts of the girls fly a little…
    If I’m not mistake, there are 7 cases on this volumes…. less than 30 pages…
    If possible, do this, please ^_^
    I’ve downloaded and I can read A LITTLE of japanes, but I can’t comprehend tottaly. Less thans 30%.

  3. Hypernova says:

    Showed up to say thanks as always.

  4. Okashira says:

    Lovely release set, thanks.

    And thanks for keep working on Yosuga no Sora.

  5. TimesTicking says:

    the only thing i have to say about the credit page for Amagami is:
    LOVE IT!!! XD

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