The IDOLM@STER relations -ch00-01

First FAD2Raptor’s release of IDOLM@STER relations.

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– I only found out after I’d started working on this series that there was another group worked on this series before, but they weren’t listed on Manga Updates and they used the magazine raw (the series was out in 2008) so I figure it’s been a long time since their last release. Anyway if you like this series, you might still want to get their release for the color pages in the magazine serializations, which isn’t there in the tank RAW that I used. Unlike the case with Mizuho Ambivalent, I don’t have the magazine raw therefore I can’t re-do those pages. Their releases are available on Manga-Traders.

– While TL quality of these 1st 2 chapter of this other group is at times horrendous and with English so broken that you’d thought that it’s from a machine translation (“though there’s supposed to be no one with outstanding talent better than mine, I appreciate his efforts on doing useless thing” or “because it’s a song that I’m weak at, today we’ll be using the song that’s been use before” or “cause I got the chance, I’ll tell you this… it’s not a game… show business activity, that is…” or “When you seen Chihaya’s TV performance… the “eye” that’s always look up, I think,” etc…), it does get better in the latter chapter that they did (well, to my knowledge they only did 2 chapter more so…)

– The female lead, Hoshii Miki, usually employ feminine/childish speech like “mon”, “nano” etc or refer to herself in 3rd person. At first I tried to keep all of these intact, but as the series progress, these has increasingly become roadblock that break the flow of sentences. So, the translation for this series will only keep the 3rd person thing when Miki specifically use it. Generic sentences which she doesn’t say “Miki… etc” will be translate as 1st person talk. This is to avoid issue that happened sometimes with the other group where in the same sentence Miki both refered to herself as ‘Miki’ & ‘myself’. ‘mon’ & ‘nano’ will generally be skipped.

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