Happy Chinese New Year – Yosuga no Sora ch07

I’m giving you a “Happy Chinese New Year” with the beginning of Volume 2 of Yosuga no Sora, chapter 07.

The download links: Here.

With the poll closed I’ll now announce the current and upcoming line up of FAD2Raptor:

1st Primary slot – Yosuga no Sora
– When YnS is completed, ef a fairy tale of the two will take it’s place.

2nd Primary slot – The Idolm@ster relations
– Without any updates from our RAW provider, Bungaku Shoujo will have to be on stand by status.

1st Secondary slot – Amagami Various Artists
– Details on which chapters I’m interested in doing is available on Project statuses page.

and @Dex : Omokage Natsumatsuri has been scanlated by kibitou4life, you can get to their release post here. They did some other chapters from Various Artists as well, but you’re forewarned that their site does contain NSFW elements, proceed to other parts at your own risk.

2nd Secondary slot – The Idolm@ster Your message
– This 1 volume manga featured a pairing or group in each chapter. While characters to be featured in the next chap show up in a few panels of last page, each chapter is completely separate from each other, sans for the last 2 chapter which is the 1st part & 2nd part of a story that again doesn’t have anything to do with earlier chapters.
– I’ll only be doing 1 chapter from this volume, “Final stage : relations”(Kisaragi Chihaya x Hoshii Miki) chapter.

Possible pick up after 2nd Secondary slot is freed – Tonari no Kashiwagi-san
While there is a group already doing this series, the problems is that
1 – There are too many lines in their translation that I find myself disagreeing with to put in the comments.
2 – A number of small texts aren’t translated.
3 – A number of small texts in white area, which the guy probably can’t translate, was erased.
4 – The edit&typesetting could be better.

-Also, while we’re on the topic, if you love or even if you only like the manga “Ore-sama Teacher” DO NOT read scanlation from Panda Scanlation, as they are secondhand translation where the translator have no knowledge of the original language(JP) and is inexperienced with the translated one(CHN) leading to the resulting English severely different from original.

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5 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year – Yosuga no Sora ch07

  1. Dex says:

    Thanks for letting me know that there’s someone that have already done this. I’ll believe in my anti-virus device and whatever tools it has to get rid of any problem…

    Waiting for the Hibiki’s oneshot you said you were interested on doing.

    Take care! ^_^

  2. Darkslayer says:

    you should do a joint to do the volumes of amagami varius artist XD!!!.

    btw thanks for YnS ch 7 🙂

  3. Hypernova says:

    Thank you for the release.

  4. asdf says:

    Is the YnS manga following Sora’s route?

    FD2Raptor: The manga is a combination of mainly Akira & Sora’s route so yeah.
    Also, first comment will goes through moderation once, so please refrain from double posting when your 1st one doesn’t appear immediately.

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