The Massive Release at Richter magnitude

Merry Christmas everyone!
The Massive Release I’ve been preparing for you guys is… *drum roll*
4 VOLUMES of “ef – a fairy tale of the two”.

You read that right. Not 4 chapters but 4 Volumes. Which will bring the current scanlation status of this series to the end of Volume 6, Arc 2 – Shindou Kei & Tsutsumi Kyousuke. I re-did a few pages from RedHawk release of the 1st chapter of Vol3 to standardize between the volumes.

Special thanks to Cheebs & Nevi at StarryHeaven for helping me with some lines that I have difficulty with.

Mediafire Volume 03
Mediafire Volume 04
Mediafire Volume 05
Mediafire Volume 06
SkyDrive ef Folder

Now on to the serious stuff, a Poll. Read carefully before voting.
Okay so FAD2Raptor’s current line up include 2 Primary Projects that was published monthly, 0 Secondary Project and 3 Random Projects…
I think Bungaku Shoujo Pierrot is about to end and Yosuga no Sora will end in Vol2 making FAD2Raptor with two main project ending soon. There are 2 other manga that I’m considering as the replacement for the Primary Project after I’m done with the current 2; they are Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai – Tsumihoroboshi hen & Maria-sama ga Miteru; the scanlation statuses for both of them are stalled for quite some time now so I’ll contact the original scanlation teams then we’ll figure something out, maybe a joint, maybe I’ll carry out the scanlation of those 2 series alone.

Keep in mind that FAD2Raptor is a one man team. My time isn’t unlimited so it will be a maximum of 2 Primary & 2 Secondary. And at most, “Amagami close to you” will only be a Secondary Project since it’s current status is a big unknown with no stable raw provider & a bi-monthly publish schedule, I won’t be putting that into Primary list and wasting my time waiting for the RAW to show up – might be a different issue if someone have Comp Ace and are willing to scan it for us.

And about ef, current RAW is up to vol8 and the Chihiro arc ended somewhere in Vol9; the Tank itself is published back in June 2010 but there’s no RAW of it yet; so I’d like to wait for the RAW to show up before took up scanlating the available content of the arc so that there won’t be much cliffhanger.

As for what Primary, Secondary, Random Project means, head to the Project statuses page.
So, do you want FAD2Raptor to pick up scanlating ef soon or prioritize the other stuff first.

PS. A v2 of Yosuga no Sora Volume 1 to fix some embarrassing mistakes will be release soon in preparation for Vol2.

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Basically an INTJ with interest in language. Insanely easy to get bored and have indifferent attitude to many things.
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5 Responses to The Massive Release at Richter magnitude

  1. molitoff says:

    How do I get in contact with you FD2Raptor

  2. NullApostle says:

    Thanks for the release.

    Where might said poll be? I don’t see it.

    Anyway, I vote for Tsumihoroboshi-hen. It hadn’t had a release in ages.

  3. kaizoku says:

    Thanks for the Christmas release!!! (Or near x-mas release depending on your location. =p)

    I would be content with ef being a secondary project for awhile. My reasoning being that 4 volumes should be enough to keep everyone happy for a bit, and to let another project catch up. But I read everything, so I won’t complain with whatever is released. Lol. 😉

  4. enya04 says:

    wow, what a nice surprise! o.o
    thank u for the massive ef release! xD

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