Yosuga no Sora News Update

So, basically, I have 2 piece of news regarding Yosuga no Sora for you guys.

The 1st one has to do with this “Unfortunately, none of us wants to work on the BDs, so it’s pretty unlikely that we will.” on UTW site. While many of you might have read the news on ANN that there are extra episodes listed for the Blue-Ray, the reality of that is actually about the difference in how those are packaged. The DVD version is packaged by episode, 3 episodes each; while the Blue-Ray version is package by character arc. Which mean BD1 – Migiwa Kazuha – = TV Ep1-2-3-4 / BD2 – Amatsume Akira – = TV Ep1-2-5-6 / BD 3 – Yorihime Nao – = TV Ep1-7-8-9 / BD4 – Kasugano Sora – = TV Ep1-7-10-11-12. That’s why the original news piece on ANN was saying 1 extra ep listed for BD1-2-3 and 2 extra eps for BD4 compare to the DVD ver. Actually ANN updated their news piece later on to reflect this but it doesn’t get back to the front page so many might have missed it. *Looking at the comments on UTW site about Kira-fansub and extra ep…* So, ‘Kyou no hitokoto’/Today’s quote is “There is no extra episode in the Blue-Ray.”

2nd, regarding the manga, seems like Yosuga no Sora manga also ended in last month Comp Ace publication at chapter 14. Doesn’t seem like anyone have YnS’s Comp Ace scans so you’ll have to wait until then for it’s continuation. *Editted*Thanks for the tip*”yon koma” & “Faust721″* YnS Vol 2 will be published on 25th Dec. Now let’s hope that we’ll have the RAW soon after that…

While to you this seems like bad news all around but hey, at least I avoided telling you these on Xmas.

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3 Responses to Yosuga no Sora News Update

  1. Faust721 says:

    Actually, the released of the second volume is due out on Christmas.


  2. yon koma says:

    The last volume of Yosuga no Sora manga (volume 2) will be released this month according to Kodokawa shoten website:

    This is a good new, i’m really curious to see how the manga will end compared to the game and the tv serie. Keep the hard work guys. 🙂

  3. Dropping by to say thanks for the scans/translations so far.

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