Akira to Hiyori ch08 & etc statuses

So here is the next chapter of Akira to Hiyori. Currently, to my knowledge, there’s no RAW for chapter 09, the final chapter for this arc. So after this, AtH is on temporary hiatus.

Download link:

About the other projects:
– Bungaku Shoujo: I’ve gotten in touch with a RAW provider who can supply the RAW for Bungaku Shoujo and the response was positive so Bungaku Shoujo fans, you’ll get your next chapter fairly soon after I get the RAW.
– Mizuho Ambivalent: Still looking for RAW.
– Yosuga no Sora: Will soon be in a smiliar situation to how Bungaku Shoujo was. The magazine Yosuga no Sora was serialized in is Comp Ace, and the only other series on it that is being actively scanlated is Fortune Arterial, but all groups that are scanlating this series used the Chinese scanlation as the RAW, so after the final chapter of Volume 1, which is chapter 6, this too will probably have to go on paused period. Then, you won’t get any more of YnS until the Anime which will probably in October.
So, how would you like your last 2 chapters of YnS served? Voice your opinion on the poll.
Noted that Volume 1 ended right when ‘event & exciting event’ happen, leaving behind quite some cliffhanger and to leave it for a month or two will definitely made the events gone cold.

A> the moderated way – August and September, one chapter each month leading up to the Anime, if there are more RAW of YnS pop up during this moderating period then we’ll go back to the usual way.
B> the whaever way – the usual alternating sort of weekly routine, no moderation…

Believe it or not I haven’t caught the Starcraft 2 flu… yet.
The current slow down is because according to Acronis Drive Monitor, the hard disk that I use for Windows, PTS, RAW & etc is going to fail soon:
HDD crashing imminent
So I’m busy backup-ing stuff.

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    Thank you very much!

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    Just downloaded, not read yet.



  3. Lilyvess says:

    I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you picked this series up! I am very thankful for your efforts! I hope you find the raws for chapter 9 soon!

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