Akira to Hiyori ch07

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As I see it, this series run in 3 chapters arc, with this arc ran continuously in 3 issue. Currently there are RAW for the 1st two. Young GanGan issue No15 which has chapter 9 of this manga is already published, RAW of other series on that issue like Sekirei ch103 or Saki ch69 is available but not this manga.

Majority of the translation are from shadow-skill, I did the SFX and some minor missing ones.
Also, I made some de-localization to the translation, like “that Motohashi girl” back to “Motohashi-san” or “upperclassmen” back to “senpai” or “1 dolar” back to “100 yen”, other than that, I use the name to Hiyori and Hiyo-chan instead of “Hyori” or “Hyo-chan” as in the translation because that’s a full size ‘yo’ not a half-sized one.
You can check the original translation here.

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8 Responses to Akira to Hiyori ch07

  1. Lala-doll says:

    Thank you very very much for the new Akira to Hiyori release!!!

    I love this manga and it has been 173 days since the release of the last chapter…

    I hope you will continue with Akira to Hiyori 🙂



  2. Mindflayer says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. TehFreek says:

    “nanairo” is rainbow-colored or iridescent. I know it wasn’t your translation, but I don’t feel like registering there.

  4. TehFreek says:

    Oh, and thanks for doing this.

  5. fd2raptor says:

    @Lala-doll: There’s nothing much other ppl can do about that 173 days since chapter 7 was only published on Young GanGan issue No.13, 18th of June. I have chapter 8 RAW and Translation here, but not the latest one which was published on 16th of July. As I noted this series have the tendency to ran in 3 chapters arc at once so after chapter 9 we’re very likely to see another pause period.

    @TehFreek: I’ll contact shadow-skill about that. Thanks for noting.

  6. hansm says:

    ch7 is nice but where do i find ch 1-6?

  7. fd2raptor says:

    Here’s Akira to Hiyori ch01-06: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WQ8467OT
    Alternatively, if you have an account on MangaTraders, you can get the series there.

  8. traviz67 says:

    thank you very much!!
    i’ve been waiting for this forever!!
    hope you will continue this series 😀

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