Yosuga no Sora ch04

Next chapter of Yosuga no Sora.

Now how much of a coincidence it is that a few days after I wrote that MangaToshokan will have the most updated version of my release, MangaToshokan got hit by the Publisher’s Alliance. Now with OneManga too is closing down, I guess the next one to be targeted will be MangaFox or maybe MangaTraders.

Personally I don’t care about OM. I don’t remember them contribute anything to the whole community. MangaToshokan was non-compressed image, multiple scanlator version & etc…
MangaTraders made catching up on tens something volume series easier…
MangaFox while operate in a similar model to OM, still it has a more active forum…

Plus as I see it, all the 3 above can allow for an individual to release scanlation. I certainly did so in the early day for Bungaku Shoujo on MangaTraders. MangaFox/MangaToshokan forum community do get together to start some scanlation (examples that I know of from MF community – Mizuho Ambivalent, Toaru Majutsu no Index).

Will they start targeting scanlator site? Who know. But personally, with this site current top traffic day at 535 visitors & the total traffic so far at 4294 visitors, compare to the last reading count of just Yosuga no Sora on MangaToshokan at 9000+ & a listed 49,848 monthly views at MangaFox, if they demand this site to go down, I’d have to think that they’re not in any sort financial trouble but are having too much money & free time on their hand.

Now back to the release. Download links here

P.S: Someone just subbed Bungaku Shoujo Memoirs OVA 1 – Yumemiru Shoujo no Prelude. You can Download it here
Blue Ray & DVD for the movie will be out on 27th of August (it’s 103 minutes long), OVA 2 DVD is 29th of Oct and OVA 3 DVD is on 24th of Dec. But I guess there will still be quite some more additional waiting time after the discs are released before the subbed version appear.

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6 Responses to Yosuga no Sora ch04

  1. Sanarku says:

    Speaking of mizuho ambivalent, any hopes of you continuing where the other people left off?

    And thanks for your work thus far.

    • fd2raptor says:

      While I’d love to continue where we left off of Mizuho Ambivalent, right now there’s no RAW available for chapter 27 and above, so I am unable to do that.

  2. renren1379 says:

    yay… thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work!

  3. Hypernova says:

    Thank you for the release.

  4. aruless says:

    thanks a lot i love this one, and not only for the (t)wincest…. rly not only for that….

  5. Mindflayer says:

    Thank you very much!

    I agree on Mangatraders. I try to download from the links the scanlators provide but sometimes I have to catch up with a long or just old series and the only way to get the chapters/entire volumes would be to log in on irc which is a hassle.

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