Yosuga no Sora chapter 03

The day I released chapter 2 of Yosuga no Sora, the number of visitor hit the top, it was the site busiest day since launch, so it motivated me to make this the most colorful post that I’ve done so far.

1st to any American reading this, happy independence day.
2nd, some of you might know this already, but Yosuga no Sora anime is stated to premiere this fall.

I am a bit concern though since it’s among the lesser known series, and sandwiched between more popular series like Sora no Otoshimono or Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Know)…
While some speculated that Toaru Majutsu no Index might come out this fall too, but I doubt it could happen, the site project-index.net only say that the 2nd series production has been decided, the time stated was for the rebroadcast of Index S1.

Back to Yosuga no Sora, let’s start with some videos, this is a piano rendition of Michi no Saki, Sora no Mukou, the theme song for Yosuga no Sora game. The song it self is nice, but piano is my number 1 favorite musical instrument.

And a pretty good AMV, the titled Soukyuu no Sekai, the song is Koe by Tsukiko Amano (thanks Oritsuru).
Video removed by Youtube.

Download links here.

Finally a new vector of Yorihime Nao @ 300dpi in color and manga-ish style.
Preview SD – 150dpi – 1346 x 2083
Yorihime Nao Colored SD

And the HD – 300dpi – 2692 x 4167
Yorihime Nao Manga-ish HDYorihime Nao Colored HD

Okay, now that was long…

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7 Responses to Yosuga no Sora chapter 03

  1. onizukar says:

    this isn’t the end of the manga right? there’s more right? …cos this chapter seems like an ending already…tell me there’s more..

  2. Oritsuru says:

    Pretty sure the Mad’s song is Koe by Tsukiko Amano. I think the title of the music video is Soukyuu no Sekai just for the record.

  3. Thor says:

    Thanks for another release, Skydrive & MF error’d on me but MU worked fine.

  4. kingcheese says:

    Thanks for the release!

  5. fd2raptor says:

    @onizukar: yes, there is more, we still have at least 3 chapters before we reach the end of Volume 1. But, the raw is rather hard to find, so after vol 1, I can’t say for sure if I can continue bringing you more YnS…

    @Oritsuru: oh, my bad. Yes, Soukyuu no Sekai is indeed the clip name, not the song name…

  6. aka-chan says:

    Thank you very much!!^^
    I send gratitude from many fans! 😀

  7. Ryugans says:

    hello fd2raptor, it’s a beatiful manga
    I really liked the series, I am from a Spanish fansub and I I would like to work on it, by the way I found a beautiful artbook if you’re interested

    FD2Raptor: Well, you’re free to do so, but if you can please wait a few days since I’m QC-ing the released chapter for consistency and accuracy, I can send you the PSD if you’d like. Artbooks generally require lot of color editing work so thanks but chances are I won’t work on them.

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